Run to Jesus

Run to Jesus! Run to Jesus!

Every morning the sun comes up

Giving us a new day to run…

Run to Jesus!

What does this day hold?

Only HE knows!

Run to Jesus! Run to Jesus!

For though we are heading into the darkest of days in this world! Know we are going into it with Jesus as our Champion, The ONE who has overcome this world. We are not alone in this life!

Run to Jesus! Run to Jesus!

With each heartache..

With each news headline…

With each moment that goes by…

Run to Jesus! Run to Jesus!

For we He is our sustenance in this life and nothing and no one can take that away from us. Though we do not see the immediate results from wanting the events in this world to be the way we like them to be. The Father has it all planned out and no, Jesus’ death on the cross was not a plan B or even a C; it was plan A from the beginning. From before creation the plan of redemption was already in place. God knows everything , God is always present, God sees everything and knows everything before we even think about it.

We can run to HIM with everything!

Joshua 24:15 “Choose you this day whom you will serve whether it be the God of your ancestors…. But as for us(me) we (I) will serve the LORD!

Psalm 33:12 ” Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, the people He chose for His inheritance.


Prayer Challenge 2018-2019

For several years the LORD has given a prayer challenge and at the end of last year I waited for one but HE did give the challenge until today. It was the rest of 2018 but also for 2019. The Lord has reminded of the Prophetic Word I had on February 12, 2018 called: Come, America, Come(Use the search button to read it). As we are approaching the National Observance of Prayer for this country on May 3, 2018, keep that these things in mind to pray:

  1. Repent of the American Pride which has brought division and a sense of entitlement among many people. Pride itself is an idol which separates us from the LORD. God is the Creator and who are we to think that we can be God.
  2.  Repent of the mismanagement of the resources we have in this country as well as personally.
  3. Seek the LORD and know that HE is God alone.
  4. Seek the LORD and not legislation to change the hearts of people; remembering we are all sinners. Stop pointing the fingers at others and realize that each one is responsible for their own sins and not the sins of others. We are each held accountable to the LORD for what we have done.
  5. Continue to seek the LORD in prayer for our hearts to change.
  6. Continue to pray for the military both at home and abroad.
  7. Continue to pray for the children and our schools.
  8. Continue to pray for those who serve in all emergency services and those who serve as chaplains for these agencies also.
  9. Continue to pray and seek THE LORD and do what HE says to do.
  10. Continue to pray for those who are elected officials in all levels of government.
  11. Encourage and bear one another’s burdens.



Was then..Now are

Lord, shake up the Heavens

Lord, shake up the earth

Calling things that were in the beginning

Now are revealed in the Heavens and the earth

Send forth Holy fire to proclaim freedom to the captives

Lord, in my life make me shake

Lord, in my life make me quake

Send forth Holy fire in the Heavens and the Earth

Making the lame walk

Making the blind see

Making the deaf hear

Call forth a great awakening in the earth

Lord, awaken me

Lord, awaken the church

Lord, awaken the oceans deep

Pouring forth the Holy fire from the throne

Make it as a river

A mighty gushing,rushing river

From what was a tiny flame

Now is growing, growing and moving all over the earth

Let the army of the LORD arise

Let the army of the LORD arise

Raising the flag of victory

For WE overcome by the BLOOD of the LAMB and the WORD of our TESTIMONY




Daughter of the KING

The ladies at my church just had a tea party and our theme was Being a Daughter of the KING! It has been a treat over the years at my church to hold a ladies tea and this year I co-hosted a table and have done so once two years ago. This is a time to bring out the fine china, flatware,glasses,wear dresses, hats and even gloves. It’s a time to celebrate being a woman.

I have enjoyed this tea especially and like with past teas that I have gone to I read two of my poems. The poems that I shared were Reflections (written in 2010) and Blessed King (see previous post). It was a joy to read them and I felt as though The LORD was bringing peace and His freedom to those in the room. I know that many enjoyed them. One said, that a chill went through her body as I read. There are others who shared their talent and their hearts. It was a blessing to me!

So, what comes to your mind with the title Being a Daughter of the KING? Inquiring minds want to know!

I will tell you what comes to my mind!

Being a daughter of the KING, YOU are….

Created in HIS Image ( Genesis 1:27, Psalm 139:13-16)

Apple of HIS EYE (Zechariah 2:8) (Psalms 17:8)

In the PALM OF HIS Hand

Strong and Valiant for YOU draw your Strength from the source of Life itself.

Beautiful (Song of Solomon 4:7)


Blessed King

Blessed King,

Oh, how I love Thee!

You spoke, “Let there be.

Making all that I see.

Blessed King,

Oh, how I adore Thee!

You spoke, “Release the chains; casting them into the sea. Never bind her again for she is MINE!”

Blessed King,

Oh, how I praise Thee!

For I am free, no more do the fears tear at me.

No more, I say, no more

Will the enemy ensnare me into trappings which once held me in chains.

No more I say, no more

Will the enemy have control

For Jesus Christ is God alone!

The chains have fallen and I am free.

Going Beyond Possible

Have you ever doing or going places beyond what is possible in this world? When I was a little girl and living in my grandparents house, I would lay upon the pavement of the driveway at night looking up at the stars. The first time the creation account in Genesis 1 and 2, I would pretend that I was in a bubble watching the creation of the universe and everything in it unfold.

My firmly held belief in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the ONE and ONLY TRUE GOD is going beyond what many call possible. Why would GOD love people? Why would would He become human and be born of virgin? It’s not scientifically possible to have a virgin birth or is it?

John 3:16.

For God so love the world that He gave His one and only Son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Does that mean we won’t die in this life? No, we do die as the wages of sin is death but what remains alive and goes into Heaven to be with Jesus is your spirit. The consequences of sin is death and separation from GOD.

Who wants live in this world separated from GOD?

God is the one who initiates faith in HIM He is also the one who upholds everything in this earth and the universe as well as the things that are invisible.

I , for one, am glad that I do not walk in Divine Health because I would have no need for God in my life. If I walked I walked in Divine Health then there would be sickness or death for that matter but that is not reality. Is it?

It is absolutely true that the BIBLE is the inspired Word of God. God chooses the people He wants in HIS Kingdom and yes we do partner in that work but unless God moves upon the individuals we are trying to reach our efforts are pointless.

An unbeliever can read, mediate, and may even rely and practice some principles found in the BIBLE but IF GOD is not in the equation it becomes a religion full of do’s and don’t’s.

Let the believers not forget what it was like for us when we were unbelievers. God loved you then before you knew HIM or even before your parents conceived you and better yet before the creation of the world. Let’s remember to love as Jesus did. Shall we? Instead of criticizing the believers you know of personally or read that they fallen into some sin, let us remember we all still and can sin but we can overcome it with the power of the Holy Spirit. Let’s not throw stones at one another but instead encourage and bless those who curse at us.

Sweet, Sweet Spirit

Sweet, sweet Spirit

Fall afresh up-on me

Sweet, sweet spirit

Fall afresh up-on me

Holiness and fire

Devour me

Holiness and fire

Devour me

Remove all iniquity from my soul

Let me be a vessel

Wholly devoted to You, LORD

King Jesus, King Jesus

Who sits at the right hand of the Father

Praise YOU forever more

For as far as the east is from the west

You have removed my transgressions

Choosing to die on behalf

Praise You forevermore!