Carried In God

Psalm 68:19 NLT

Praise the Lord; praise God our Savior! For each day he carries us in his arms.

How precious and awesome to know that God carries us in His arms. This brings me great comfort to know this. I work as a cashier at a grocery store and what a privilege it is to be a Christ follower who is a cashier. Each day if I can wrap my brain around this one thought:

As I scan, weigh and bag items for customers in my line, The Lord, is doing this also for He lives in me. Look at your hands for a few minutes and think on this as you go through the events of your day think about the people you have come in to contact with whether it is paying money to cashier or server at a restaurant and your hands touch theirs. At this moment you have a chance to bless and pray for that person you just come into contact with. As you smile and go on your out of the place you were The presence of the Lord through you just ministered to the person without a word spoken for the radiance of the Lord is carrying you! Be blessed today and know you bless others as you go through your day tomorrow.


Desires and Fire

Glorious Lord

Your Name is high above the Heavens

At the thought of Your presence

Wrapping around me

In the stillness of the night

Brings my mind to rest

In the valley of sorrow and affliction

My faith in You is continually being tested

As each day brings a choice

To surrender my way to Yours

Although I have mainly gone to You

In kicking and screaming

Wanting my life and my destiny

Played out as I wanted…

Wished for and could have had

I know without a doubt

Your way is best

I need to remain focused

On what is good and true

And Not let the enemy take Hold of me

By taunting accusations, dreams and the like

You have given me the things I need

And I am so thankful for them

The Called

The called

The chosen

The few

Who are you?

Who do you praise?

Yourself in the me, myself and I

Or the Lord of Heaven

Who has no beginning or end

Who spoke this universe;

Everything in it into existence

Are we going to be a generation which

Seeks after The Lord, the King

With our entire being

Will we all give The Lord the glory

Which belongs to Him and Him alone

Will we the called..The chosen.. The few

Live our lives in such a way

That without saying a word about Him

Bring and draw others to seek after Him

May it be so, I pray


Let it flow

Let Rivers of mercy flow

Down through the united States of America

Let Rivers of healing

Flow down from heaven

As we repent of our sins

Choosing to follow you

No matter what the cost

May you King Jesus

Hear our hearts we pray this day

Heal our land

Heal our people

May You bring us back to yourself

LORD Adonai your banner over this nation

And over each person in it is love

So, lift up your eyes

Lift up your hearts

And listen to His heart for you

To come bow at His feet

Giving Him all that you are

And all that you ever dare to dream

For He hears the cries of His people

He sees the devastation and the heartache

So be still and wait upon Him

Fo He will answer in due time

Praise 2017

Glorious presence of the Lord

Shine forth and fill the earth

Let all the creation sing

Of Your great power in the earth

My, soul will sing of the great joy

I’ve found in the Lord this day

Bless The Lord and all the things He has done

Bless the name of Jesus

For at His presence

The mountains and nations

Shake and are changed.

May it be so in the earth today!

What is on your heart?

What’s on your heart today? Is there something that is stirring up inside of you at this moment? I will tell you there is joy flowing through my heart this day. I feel God’s overwhelming love for me at this moment. I felt this way when I woke up this morning. Praise The Lord that joy has begun to return to my heart. I had a difficult year last year but the Lord has been faithful to see me through all of it. If you’re going through situations that are tearing you apart then lean on Him, pour out your tears and frustrations. It’s okay. He knows and understands and will bring you through it. Let Him have it.

Knowing His Love

There is peace in knowing

The vastness of God’s love

There’s great comfort in knowing

The judgements of God are momentary

His discipline is out of His vast love

In just knowing the vastness of His love

Beacons me to live my life as unto Him

No matter what happens in this life

Knowing  I have a purpose and a reason

To be here on earth

Brings great delight for God’s abiding love

Outweighs and brings destruction to Satan

While bringing justice to all those who call upon His Name

Which is above every name in heaven and earth

Jesus Christ in whom there is everlasting life.