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God says, I love you!

I love you! I love you!

Rise up and sing.

I love you! I love you!

Before you were born.

Before you could speak a word.

I loved you! I loved you!

Listen, as I sing my song of love for you, My dear.

Listen, as I sing over you, My dear.

I love you! I love you!

I came and lived a sinless life, for you, My dear.

I came and was crucified for you, My dear.

I came and was raised to life, so that you could live with me, My dear.

I love you! I love you!

Hear me as I sing to you, My dear.

Don’t you know by now that I love you;

With all that I brought you through.

Will you sit at My feet,

So, I can lift you up from the dust and call you MY child.

I love you! I love you!




Come, America,Come

Come, America, come

Turn your heart back from your arrogance,

You would have nothing if I, the LORD of Heaven had not given it to you.

Come, America, come

It’s time you recognize your arrogance,

You boast many things America,

You said, with your might that you kept the world at peace,

With your technology and vast resources You kept the world going.

But, I THE LORD, say look around your country

Are you still so powerful that YOU do not need ME

I put the people on this continent long before Christopher Columbus

I also brought people from all over the world to settle here

For I called, YOU to be a nation,

I brought YOU forth to be a world power and I can topple you just as quickly

I gave people a brain with wisdom and understanding so that all these modern things you take pride in and enjoy could spread forth MY WORD and that Salvation would come to all people.

Look what happened at the Tower of Babel,

The heart of mankind became so arrogant that they wanted to become a god in and of themselves and of this heart mankind still wants this though some will not admit it. I separated the continents, mankind, and dispersed the different languages.

I have sent fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and the like. YOU still do not heed and repent of your arrogance and many, many sins.

To MY PEOPLE, who are called by NAME and have My Mark upon them:

I have heard your cries of repentance,

I see the heart of true repentance among those who are obedient.

I say to you as I said, to Joshua the son nun, when Moses died,

BE strong! Be courageous! Be strong and very courageous! Press into ME! Do Not let your hearts become hardened to things going on around you. Let MY Holy Spirit, which I sent among you, to be present and not be ignored as MY PRESENCE is with you, I will birth in this nation once again a true reverence for MY NAME, MY SON, MY SPIRIT. I will be praised in this NATION as it’s GOD. So, MY people be strong and very courageous for the things you will go through to be used BY ME To bring this change in America.


Consecrated To GOD

What have you declared or consecrated to God in your life? Are there things you are holding back from God? Whatever the case today it is time to declare You are God’s property and nothing and no one can tell you or persuade you from this truth for you already KNOW that YOU KNOW, YOU ARE HIS PROPERTY. You know that in the trail you are in is designed by GOD to trust HIM. Declare what is missing in your life right now is found in the ONE TRUE GOD. So, run to GOD! Run with all your might To the GOD who has DECLARED THAT YOU ARE HIS PROPERTY. He is the ONE who has brought YOU thus far, do you not think that HE has brought you that far for no reason. HE has a purpose for everything that  we go through so don’t get too comfortable where you are in this trial for HE WANTS YOU TO TAKE A STEP FARTHER. He is telling you to come farther into HIS WORD… FARTHER INTO HIS PRESENCE. Don’t settle only for the Sunday morning church service or the weekly bible study alone but nurture and maintain Your relationship with GOD by coming before HIM with all the needs that are pressing in on you from every side. There are some that feel that they are trapped and fed up with GOD but guess what, HE already knows that so go to GOD, RIGHT NOW…. Stop reading this and go to HIM…

Whatever GOD has told you. Go do it! I encourage you to comment or if you know me, personally, let me know in some way if GOD speaks to your heart. When the LORD brings clarity to the trail you are in just simply write “AMEN” in the comment line.


Come and worship

Come with music and song

Sing before The Lord of Hosts

For He knows what all you are going through

Even at this moment He is with you

So declare and make known

To the enemy of your soul

Jesus Christ is God alone

He will bring you

His true followers safely through

Though some may walk through

Dangerous Storms of life

So on this night rejoice

Rejoice for Jesus is on His throne

NO one and nothing can separate you

From Himself for He has declared you

His own representatives as the world

Intensifies in evil

It will not overcome you

For you are His Child and His Children will have dominion over the evil.

As Easy as Pie

We would all like to think that trusting both in God and allowing Him to work in our lives should be easy as pie. We should all be able to live in peace with good will for all our fellow men and women on this planet we call home.

However, this is not the reality we live in here on earth.

In reality we live in a sin-filled world. I wonder sometimes if The Lord looks down from Heaven with tears in His eyes as He did in the days of Noah, saying, He is grieved He made us.

In an instant a rainbow appears over a portion of the skies and The Lord is reminded of His covenant He made with Noah. He would never destroy all flesh in this world with a massive flood that covers the entire world again.

It was The Lord’s mercy and love for His creation that stayed His patient hand to keep Noah, his family as well as the animals safe on the Ark.

It was The Lord’s mercy and love for the human race that He humbled Himself taking on the nature of a human being, which is by all respects a servant in The Lord’s eyes.

He came into this world to restore and bring proper balance in relation to the relationship between Himself and mankind.

It was The Lord’s mercy that sent Jesus to die on the cross and that through belief in Him we should dwell with Him for eternity.

Now in today’s world, in which you and I live, where evil is called good and good called evil. We as believers and ambassadors of Jesus Christ live in this to live as He lived. As Christians we are to live a life of humility by esteeming others above ourselves which goes against what this world hold dears.

How are we as the body of Christ doing that I wonder?


Encouragement 3/6/2016

What moves your heart?

What brings joy to the soul?

Is it for God alone?

Does your love and devotion

Belong to God alone?

Or are there obstacles and idols

Standing in the way?

Does the plight of the unborn

Move your heart?

Does the plight of our brothers and sisters in the Lord move your heart?

If these things break your heart

Or you find yourself calloused by them

Then I challenge you:

Make every effort and remembrance

Of these things to bring them

Before The Lord each day

For He hears the prayers of the righteous and answers them out of His Holy Hill!

So, continue to pray

No matter what happens

He is in control!

Praise God!


Come To ME

Come to ME

Come to ME

Bring the brokenness in your heart

Bring your heartache and tears

Rest in the Bosom of MY presence

I will bring you into a deeper place with ME

Even though you do not see the whole picture

You have placed this circumstance that is tearing you apart

Into MY Hands and now leave it there

Don’t take it back and burden yourself with it anymore

I am The One you can trust with all this.

I will bring you through this.

Continue to seek Me for I will speak to you and bring you all through this.

Says The Lord Your Healer