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Great Expectations

There is a great longing and expectation in my heart to see and be in the presence of my  Lord and King. This longing was birthed into my soul on the day; I got a glimpse of Jesus as a child just twelve years-old. I will never forget that moment when I saw Him with arms open wide;  like a Father who has returned from a long trip to see his newborn child for the first time. There was assurance and reinforcement in my life that He was truly real and that He was truly God.

Today, is the day in the United States that we celebrate as a nation the founding of the nation as well as Independence from England. It is also a day that brings a great longing in my heart for true dependence on The Lord for this country and the rest of the world to recognize that Jesus Christ is God and by His authority we are to live by.

There is a great longing and expectation to see the Lord accomplish great things in my life and those around me. It is a time of reflection for the true independence He has brought in my life and those around me and the sacrifice of Jesus on behalf of not only my life but the lives of the whole world.

Let us remember that, independence and freedom did not come without a sacrifice of the shedding of blood. So, also your independence from addictions, strife, fear, worry, and depression did not come without a price of sacrifice.

It is a deliberate and voluntary choice to choose to take God at His Word and believe that His death on the cross was enough to bring you into freedom from these things.

Psalm 32:12 Blessed is the nation, whose God is the Lord, the people chose for his inheritance.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that He gave his one and only son, whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Philippians 1:6 Being confident in this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Jesus Christ.



Set Your Hope

Where do you set your hope?

In whom do you rely on?

Is it in your wealth?

Is it in your family?

Is it in yourself?

How can one succeed in life without placing their hope and faith Jesus Christ?

There is a little frame that I received when I graduated high-school twenty years ago from my founding pastor and his wife. It has this saying on it:

When I try

I fail……

When I trust 

God succeeds.”

 I still have this little frame which contains these words which is a huge milestone message in my opinion.

I have gone through these twenty years through various heart wrenching circumstances. The loss of loved ones, battling depression, battling various illnesses, being hospitalized for various things, battled thoughts of suicide while being on or off various medications and the list could still go on. I have been through times where I have been very angry with God for the things that I had gone through but then I would see this message on this frame all through out these years. I knew all that I had to do was to trust in God and no matter the situation or how hard it got deep down inside I knew His way was the best.

No matter what the plans I had were only GOD’s plan for my life would succeed. I would be extremely stubborn in my anger, grief and despair that I would throw tantrums wondering why I had to go through these things but until I went through ministry of being one on one with the LORD through the guidance of a counselor.

The Lord showed me where He was at each instance of abuse, betrayal, abandonment, loss of loved ones, in the hospital, in the tears and anger.

Let me let you in on the secret He is with you too through all the things you were and are going through. You see, Jesus, knew it all, yet for His purposes He allowed these things in my life in order to draw me closer and closer to Himself. He showed me that even as an infant in the crib that HIS banner of love was over me and He would weep over every instance of sin that was either done to me or that I had done to someone else.

One of my favorite worship songs a few years ago for which I cannot remember the exact title but here are some of the words.

His banner over me is love. His banner over me is love and He takes to His banqueting table of love.

For every tear you shed and every circumstance you face Jesus will be there, so set your hope in HIS everlasting love this day. Take some time right now, to be still and know the LORD is GOD in your life today.


Brokenness and Surrender

The LORD is there in the brokenness. The LORD is there to comfort and peace in the midst of the brokenness. The LORD is there to bring strength and stability in times of brokenness.

My prayer for myself over the years in times of brokenness is to bring healing but only to the point where I still need HIM in my life. If I no longer had brokenness I might began to think that I could survive this life without HIM but that is not the case. Each day and each moment we are called to a life of surrender.

How would you define surrender in your life?

How does surrendering to Christ look like in your life?

Are there things in your life that are good things to do but is the LORD calling you to leave them for a season?

Are there things in your life that the LORD is calling you to pick up and you don’t want to or you can’t even comprehend you can do it?

The LORD has me doing other things than teaching kids about HIM right now.  Some things I that the LORD still has me doing is keeping this blog rolling, focusing more HIM through Bible study with other women, praying in a journal and there are other things. Yet I feel as though I am in limbo with the things of the LORD.

If your like me and feel that you are in spiritual limbo, I suggest that you find someone to pray for you as you go through this season of finding the LORD’s direction for your life right now. Take some time, reflect and examine what your doing to see if THE LORD has another direction for you to go in.

Trusting The LORD

I received a small but powerful wall art that I do not have hanging up yet but love the words. “WHEN LIFE IS TOO HARD TO STAND, KNEEL.”  I agree to with this statement. You want to why. I have been there many times in my life and I will also add that when life is too hard FALL FLAT on YOUR FACE and release all the pain, tears, frustrations and fears to the LORD. There is nothing that can make this life more bearable than to let the LORD know how you feel as you release your emotions; be still before the LORD; as the tears dry up LISTEN to what THE LORD of Heaven has to say to you. Life is fleeting and for the followers of Jesus Christ it is very difficult and were promised that life would be difficult as His ambassador, BUT OH, the peace HE instills in us as we live out what we believe in obedience. So, as tomorrow starts a new work week for me my prayer is that the LORD will be glorified in all I do, say and even think. This is challenging but I KNOW that Trusting THE LORD and not in mankind is the way to go. The LORD is sovereign and HE has already planned my day out before I know how it will turn out. Isn’t awesome to think the LORD has each of in the palm of HIS Hand. Put a piece of dried fruit or even a chocolate chip in your Hand and see how much like that item you are surround in the palm of HIS HAND.



Tangible Presence 3

As I look around the world in which I live I can’t help but notice that we in the church need a fresh imparting of the Holy Spirit especially with those of my generation and younger. May HIS presence also fall upon the generations that precede mine but like salvation unless God initiates it will fall upon us like words on deaf ears. People keep wanting things like revival to happen and pray for it, but when it comes do we recognize it as being a move from GOD. When I wrote in part 1 of Tangible Presence about my experience being nailed to the floor as I began to cry and cry; some of people that are part of my church asked me where did this happen and they were not aware of it? Lord, let not the generations before or after mine miss what You are doing in the present.

I remember how it started when I was a teen, a few of the teens, had come back from Toronto, Canada where the LORD was moving mightily at the time and it became known as the Toronto Blessing. When these teens began to share what happened there The LORD moved upon the congregation and one by one starting with the youth came up for prayer and many people were touched by the power of GOD. God began to build unity within the hearts of the pastors of this city and has since celebrated 20 years from the day it was founded. This group has become known as the Durham Ministers in prayer.

All the generations in the earth today need to see THE LORD move mightily in each and every nation around the globe. Lord, build your unity in the hearts of my generation and younger so that those that are currently in the church will stake a claim to this earth and say what the GOD of Abraham, Issac, Jacob did for them HE WILL DO FOR US and may all the generations living in the earth today become MARKED with the anointing of GOD so that this world will proclaim YOU are GOD!

Consecrated To GOD

What have you declared or consecrated to God in your life? Are there things you are holding back from God? Whatever the case today it is time to declare You are God’s property and nothing and no one can tell you or persuade you from this truth for you already KNOW that YOU KNOW, YOU ARE HIS PROPERTY. You know that in the trail you are in is designed by GOD to trust HIM. Declare what is missing in your life right now is found in the ONE TRUE GOD. So, run to GOD! Run with all your might To the GOD who has DECLARED THAT YOU ARE HIS PROPERTY. He is the ONE who has brought YOU thus far, do you not think that HE has brought you that far for no reason. HE has a purpose for everything that  we go through so don’t get too comfortable where you are in this trial for HE WANTS YOU TO TAKE A STEP FARTHER. He is telling you to come farther into HIS WORD… FARTHER INTO HIS PRESENCE. Don’t settle only for the Sunday morning church service or the weekly bible study alone but nurture and maintain Your relationship with GOD by coming before HIM with all the needs that are pressing in on you from every side. There are some that feel that they are trapped and fed up with GOD but guess what, HE already knows that so go to GOD, RIGHT NOW…. Stop reading this and go to HIM…

Whatever GOD has told you. Go do it! I encourage you to comment or if you know me, personally, let me know in some way if GOD speaks to your heart. When the LORD brings clarity to the trail you are in just simply write “AMEN” in the comment line.

Be Still and Know

Psalm 46:10 ESV

“Be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!

How often do we obey the command in the first line of this verse? Be still and know that He, The Lord Almighty, is God. How often do we sit and get to know the Lord as our best friend and Father? How often do we sit still in complete silence without distractions of technology and our minds running a thousand miles an hour while try to sit reflect upon Him?

I have to admit that I often sit down to reflect on Him while the dishwasher or washer and dryer. My mind is usually bogged down with the thoughts and the situations of the day. However, when I come to the Lord without the noise going it is easier for me to focus on Him especially while writing.

Knowing the Lord is God.

Lord Jesus, pour out your spirit upon as we reflect upon Who you are as the God of all the earth and may we ever rejoice in the God of our salvation. May Your great and awesome Name be lifted high as You have declared in this verse. Pour forth your wisdom among all those who read this and may they be encouraged to actively and intentually be still and know that you Jesus are God.