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Be Still and Know

Psalm 46:10 ESV

“Be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!

How often do we obey the command in the first line of this verse? Be still and know that He, The Lord Almighty, is God. How often do we sit and get to know the Lord as our best friend and Father? How often do we sit still in complete silence without distractions of technology and our minds running a thousand miles an hour while try to sit reflect upon Him?

I have to admit that I often sit down to reflect on Him while the dishwasher or washer and dryer. My mind is usually bogged down with the thoughts and the situations of the day. However, when I come to the Lord without the noise going it is easier for me to focus on Him especially while writing.

Knowing the Lord is God.

Lord Jesus, pour out your spirit upon as we reflect upon Who you are as the God of all the earth and may we ever rejoice in the God of our salvation. May Your great and awesome Name be lifted high as You have declared in this verse. Pour forth your wisdom among all those who read this and may they be encouraged to actively and intentually be still and know that you Jesus are God.


Christmas Treasure

How often do you gaze at the Christmas Treasure? I mean intently gaze upon the Christmas Treasure who is Jesus, the One whose birth we are here to celebrate. Take a chance this moment to reflect and celebrate Jesus and think about He has done for you. In what ways have been blessed this year? Have you been set free from bondage? Addiction? Experienced His divine protection over your life! If so it is time for you to rejoice in our Savior’s birth. Proclaim how His life has brought you freedom. Rejoice for Jesus is the real Christmas Treasure!


Walking down this narrow road

There are so many things

Which try to detour me

From the life on this narrow road

Since I believe the statement

Made by the Apostle Paul

“To live is Christ and to die is gain”

It’s best for me to live the life

Paying close attention to the Lord

His word and direction of my life

Although at times fear does grab

Ahold of me

I’m yet reminded to live

With the notion to live my life

As He would have me to

Whether it is taking on a new job

Or going to a village in a remote part

Where no one has heard of the Lord

It is my job to show the world

Who The Lord is by first living my life

Among others as a reflection of Who

The Lord is in my life

Opening up conversations with people

As the Lord directs me too.

Regardless of what age you are

You are being watched to see

How you handle pressures of life

The good with the bad.

Being able to always to speak

The truth and the hope you

Have inside of you.

Live the life

Following Jesus’s example of humility

Which goes against the world’s standards

For in being obedient to the Lord

You will see others come to know Him.

As Easy as Pie

We would all like to think that trusting both in God and allowing Him to work in our lives should be easy as pie. We should all be able to live in peace with good will for all our fellow men and women on this planet we call home.

However, this is not the reality we live in here on earth.

In reality we live in a sin-filled world. I wonder sometimes if The Lord looks down from Heaven with tears in His eyes as He did in the days of Noah, saying, He is grieved He made us.

In an instant a rainbow appears over a portion of the skies and The Lord is reminded of His covenant He made with Noah. He would never destroy all flesh in this world with a massive flood that covers the entire world again.

It was The Lord’s mercy and love for His creation that stayed His patient hand to keep Noah, his family as well as the animals safe on the Ark.

It was The Lord’s mercy and love for the human race that He humbled Himself taking on the nature of a human being, which is by all respects a servant in The Lord’s eyes.

He came into this world to restore and bring proper balance in relation to the relationship between Himself and mankind.

It was The Lord’s mercy that sent Jesus to die on the cross and that through belief in Him we should dwell with Him for eternity.

Now in today’s world, in which you and I live, where evil is called good and good called evil. We as believers and ambassadors of Jesus Christ live in this to live as He lived. As Christians we are to live a life of humility by esteeming others above ourselves which goes against what this world hold dears.

How are we as the body of Christ doing that I wonder?


Thoughts To Ponder

Let us all come before His throne of grace with joy. He has removed the reproach of sin and the sting of death far from us.

Come into His presence with praise; counting all the disasters and heart-wrenching circumstances as a test of our faith.

As we are refined by the circumstances in each of our lives; let’s remember that others are watching us to see how we react to the pressures of this life.

I have a few questions circling around in my mind and here they are.

Am I being ruled by my circumstances or or other things beyond my reach?

Who do I stand for?

Am I allowing the Lord to use or do I sit on the sidelines waiting to be asked to be of use?

Does my life reflect God’s character?

Do I ask the Lord who to vote for elections or complain about them?

Either the Lord is in control or we just think we are?

Think about it!




Clothed in glory

The Ancient of Days

Sits upon His throne

With the Son and Spirit

He governs the universe

Sometimes I wonder how much

Jesus longs to return to us, His Bride,

Or how often He cries out to The Father

“When can I return to bring her home

My Father, when, I hear her calling out to me.”

The Father replies, “wait… wait… wait

The time has not yet come but soon will be.

All things are in My hands

Yet My mercy remains still yet for a while

For I desire none to perish but all to have life in My Kingdom.”


What does The Lord see in the world today? What does The Lord see in His church today? What does the Lord see in you today as you read the words upon this page? Does your heart echo his love for the world? For your family? For your friends? Your enemies? ¬†Does your heart break for those you have to separate and break off from in your life? It may be for a good reason or it may be genuinely from the Lord to break ties with them so that The Lord can accomplish what He desires in each person. The Lord sees the whole picture and though reconciliation is His desire for all people especially towards himself; He allows a believer to sever ties with them for a while especially when it is in the best interest of that person. It may be for safety or for reasons beyond what you or anyone else can understand. All I know is that when you are going through this process seek The Lord and Godly counsel so you get the best direction for it. Listen. Listen. Listen to The Lord’s voice in regards to this and the timing of reconciliation if it is in His plan for the relationship is to occur. In the meantime saturate yourself in the word, prayer, and fellowship with other believers in Christ! Allowing The Lord to infiltrate your mind and heart to root out any sin or hurt on your part. You are the Only one responsible for your own actions so let the Lord take care of the other person or persons. Leave it to the Lord and see what He will do in your life as a result of it.