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Be At Rest

Be at rest my soul.

Be still in the presence of the LORD.

Quiet your heart.

Lay your burdens down as a crown before the LORD’s feet

Let your heart wait in eager expectation at the news that HE’s got you right where you HE wants you.

Though the troubles and sufferings will increase in the earth, THE LORD and HIS love for you will not change.

HIS grace is enough for you to see you through each and every day.

Look for HIM to move through you as you lean closer to HIM.

Look for HIM to establish you for HE Alone is YOUR Source of comfort and protection.

Continue to let your roots grow deeper and deeper into the LORD as you study and dwell on HIS word.

May HIS WORDS bring you life and hope in the midst of your deepest struggles.

Be encouraged. Be motivated to look up to the LORD for everything in the year to come and beyond. Be motivated to step out and do what HE tells you.



A Broken Heart

A tender heart

A spoken word

All is at a loss

When there is a broken spirit

Yet there is hope

As long as you remain in the vine

While this vine supports you all it can

There is only one who knows you

I mean really knows you from the inside out

For He is tender -hearted

Yet filled with justice

The Lord is the one I speak of

Come to Him like I’ve done this year

Rest and call to Him for healing

He will restore you with a fullness of joy

In due time

In the meantime saturate yourself in the word.

May The Lord bless you today!

2017 Prayer Challenge

Those who would like to join me in praying for the following. Please do so. Let us come and petition The Lord for:

1. For The Church of America; members are those who proclaim Jesus Lord.

A. For true unity based upon what the Bible says and obedience to His Word. In other to believe the entire Bible, not picking and choosing verses according to what society dictates to us.

B. For repentance of the sin in the American Church both individually and as a whole.

C. For us to live our lives as The Lord would have us to.

2. For all politicians as The Lord has placed them over us in America for His purposes.

3. For our military.

4. For all those who are in law enforcement.





Hosanna, hosanna

May The Lord save us

May The Lord save our friends

May The Lord save our cities

May The Lord save our nation

As well as all peoples of every nation

Under the heavens

Fill the hearts of your people

The ones called by You

With boldness to speak The truth

To all mankind no matter the culture

May the body of Christ

Truly the light in the darkness

Pointing the world back to You

The Creator of this life

May we bring hope and light

As we proclaim Your glory

Without saying a word

As we just simply live our lives

Speaking to the ones You tell us too!


We bring praise

We bring praise to You

King of glory

We bring praise to You

Lord of all the earth

May the heavens open

The seas resound

For the glory of The Lord

Is in this place

For You are great

Your love extends to mankind

For You desire none to perish

But have everlasting life

So, hear our hearts we pray

Fill the earth with those who will proclaim

Your message to all who will hear

That Jesus is The Lord of all

The author and finisher of the faith

May we ever proclaim Your name

To those in the earth.


Light Up

Light up, light up

My the path for my feet to tread

In this dark and dusty world

Your Word provides the True light

Which illuminates the path for my feet

It’s only by the nail pierced hands

On the old rugged cross

Am I set free from bondage

And healed from the brokenness

This earthly life brings

So, my soul once more

Come before His throne of grace

Allowing His life giving word

To penetrate your wounds

Bringing and breathing fresh life

Into your mind and soul.


The Word

God’s ¬†glory

Word divine

Fill our hearts and minds

With the power of the two edged sword

May we wield it with care

As we proclaim Your word

To this wicked and perverse people

Who reside in the earth

May we ever be ready

With lips and pens ready

To speak, sing, or write

All that You desire to bring forth

Here in the earth

May we as The beloved,Bride of Christ

Ever shout and proclaim

To all who hear that Jesus Lord!