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Need to Praise

There comes a time when you need to praise the Lord regardless of the circumstances that you may be going through. Speaking from experience, there have been days that I have not wanted leave my home on Sunday morning because I knew when I got to church tears would flow and today was one of those days. Although there was no church service with a segment of worship and sermon, I had instead a Bible Study group with other women. It was one of those days where on and off through out the day the tears flowed with bittersweet memories of years gone by. It is on these days that I must get up, turn on the music and praise GOD as the tears flow out and down my face; especially when things are extremely difficult. Those are the days one must praise God.

There is a release of every emotion imaginable and for me the tears flow every time even when I am angry when there is music going I can release it through my tears as the music and when I can I will sing it out. It is at these moments I have been able to express my praise not only with my voice but also writing poetry. Its in these moments that I run to Jesus.

I need to praise Thee in the morning.

I need to praise Thee in the mid-day sun.

I need to praise Thee in the moonlight .

With all I am and all I ever will be .

I will praise Thee.

When the tears flows, I feel released

Knowing that HE is there.



Lead Me

Lead me, oh, Lord

In righteousness.

Lead me, oh, Lord

In the stillness.

Let my ears be attentive to Your Spirit.

Help to let go of it all.

Help me to let go of what is gone.

Lead me, oh, Lord

In righteousness.

Lead me, oh, Lord

In the stillness.

Pressing onward.

Pressing upward.

Opening up my heart for more of You.

Help me to let go of it all.

Help me to let of what is gone.

Knowing that You know,

What is best for me.

Your way is perfect.

So, lead me, I do pray

With all my heart.

With all my mind.

With all my soul.

Let Your Spirit speak.

Let Your Spirit fall.

In the stillness.

In righteousness.

Lead me.

Was then..Now are

Lord, shake up the Heavens

Lord, shake up the earth

Calling things that were in the beginning

Now are revealed in the Heavens and the earth

Send forth Holy fire to proclaim freedom to the captives

Lord, in my life make me shake

Lord, in my life make me quake

Send forth Holy fire in the Heavens and the Earth

Making the lame walk

Making the blind see

Making the deaf hear

Call forth a great awakening in the earth

Lord, awaken me

Lord, awaken the church

Lord, awaken the oceans deep

Pouring forth the Holy fire from the throne

Make it as a river

A mighty gushing,rushing river

From what was a tiny flame

Now is growing, growing and moving all over the earth

Let the army of the LORD arise

Let the army of the LORD arise

Raising the flag of victory

For WE overcome by the BLOOD of the LAMB and the WORD of our TESTIMONY




Blessed King

Blessed King,

Oh, how I love Thee!

You spoke, “Let there be.

Making all that I see.

Blessed King,

Oh, how I adore Thee!

You spoke, “Release the chains; casting them into the sea. Never bind her again for she is MINE!”

Blessed King,

Oh, how I praise Thee!

For I am free, no more do the fears tear at me.

No more, I say, no more

Will the enemy ensnare me into trappings which once held me in chains.

No more I say, no more

Will the enemy have control

For Jesus Christ is God alone!

The chains have fallen and I am free.

Sweet, Sweet Spirit

Sweet, sweet Spirit

Fall afresh up-on me

Sweet, sweet spirit

Fall afresh up-on me

Holiness and fire

Devour me

Holiness and fire

Devour me

Remove all iniquity from my soul

Let me be a vessel

Wholly devoted to You, LORD

King Jesus, King Jesus

Who sits at the right hand of the Father

Praise YOU forever more

For as far as the east is from the west

You have removed my transgressions

Choosing to die on behalf

Praise You forevermore!


The LORD is…

The LORD is ….

Holy,  pure, majestic, awe-inspiring, protector, defender, Judge….

Full of grace, peace, love, joy, gentle, Avenger..

All seeing, all knowing, ever present…

Creator, master, sovereign over all…

Commander of Angel Armies…

Redeemer, Savior, KING…

Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace

Wonderful Counselor,powerful

The Alpha and Omega,

The beginning and end of all things

All there is and all there will be

Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Yet all three persons are ONE

All wisdom and all knowledge

Begin with the reverent fear of THE LORD

Praise HIM both now and ever more

Savior, I come

Savior, I come, I come.

All of the fears..

All of the tears…

I lay at your feet.

They are falling down one by one before Your holy throne.

I feel peace and strength rising up within me;

Joy ever increasing as I praise the risen LORD!

Holiness, majesty, grandeur fill the room as the King of glory enters in.

His presence made manifest as a warming and soothing sensation moves upon my being.

Praise and glory fills my mouth with all you seen me through.

So, sweet Savior, I come, I come.

All the past is gone, yet your glorious purpose remains for me!

I think that the Apostle Paul said it best ” TO LIVE IS CHRIST”

To live is Christ, allowing His desires and plans for you to shine through and be accomplished in and through me.