Category: New Years

Be At Rest

Be at rest my soul.

Be still in the presence of the LORD.

Quiet your heart.

Lay your burdens down as a crown before the LORD’s feet

Let your heart wait in eager expectation at the news that HE’s got you right where you HE wants you.

Though the troubles and sufferings will increase in the earth, THE LORD and HIS love for you will not change.

HIS grace is enough for you to see you through each and every day.

Look for HIM to move through you as you lean closer to HIM.

Look for HIM to establish you for HE Alone is YOUR Source of comfort and protection.

Continue to let your roots grow deeper and deeper into the LORD as you study and dwell on HIS word.

May HIS WORDS bring you life and hope in the midst of your deepest struggles.

Be encouraged. Be motivated to look up to the LORD for everything in the year to come and beyond. Be motivated to step out and do what HE tells you.



As 2013 Closes

Here I come once again

Before the Throne of Heaven

As 2013 comes to an end and 2014 begins

Open up the floodgates of mercy upon the United States

Turn the nation’s heart back to You

Oh, Father in Heaven

When you judge this nation

Remember the remnant in this country

Who calls You Lord and Master

May there be a clear distinction between

Those You have called by name

And those who are impostors

Masquerading as a child of God

May Your Light in this country

Continue to get brighter

In this darkened land.

In Jesus Name Amen!

A New Adventure

It is a new year and we all embark on a new adventure in this life. Many people around the world make new year’s resolutions only to not follow through with them during the year. I feel a new sense of adventure when it comes to my walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. I am not sure of all the challenges that await me this year but I do know and feel that the Lord is with me. I know that He is the faithful God who not loves me but came and humbled Himself as a tiny baby. He was flesh and blood and sometimes I forget that but lately He has reminded over and over again that He did just that. He experienced everything we experienced as a human being and yet He was fully God at the same time. I am homemaker and I am on disability but I Know that in grand scheme of things that my God loves me for me because He not only came to the earth but He also died an excruciating death for me on the cross for my sin. Praise God that He makes all things new. Guess what? He will return to earth one day in great power and everyone on earth will see Him. I praise Him for He is a loving God! Praise Him who defeated sin and eternal death to bring us new life. We have the chance to have new day every day and not just once a year.

The Banquet

Come now,

The banquet is ready
The bridegroom has entered the room
All noise has stopped
For the Lord of Hosts has arrived
The whole earth bows
Before Him
He is worthy to recieve
Blessing, glory, and power
Dominion and honor 
Both now and forever
The bride rises and begins to dance
Worshipping God alone
She places the crown from her head
By His feet
With song she glorifies
The Lamb upon the throne
Holy, holy, holy
Is the Lamb
Praise and glory are Yours forever

Rejoicing In The Day

Falling prostrate on the ground
I cry to Thee God of my salvation.
You bring joy to my heart as read your word.
You bring strength to my body and my spirit
Rejoices in God my sure foundation
He makes my soul flow with the honey of His mouth.
He quenches my thirsty soul.
Lord help to keep my mind in your word.
Pour out your spirit upon all mankind.
Let the streets be filled with dancing.
Let all those that are burdened find their relief in you.
Hallelujah to the Lamb, whose blood cleanses us from sin.

An Evening With The King

Moon lit night
An evening with Thee
The starry host up above
Let their beauty shine upon the King
The King clothed in white
Takes me by the hand
To an open field
He puts flowers in my hair
I love you , your name, I love you
Falling to His feet
I declare you are the air I breathe
You are everything I want
You are everything I need
Your love is a mystery
Filling the pages of history
Take me and mold me
Created for Your glory
Renew me
Use me
Fill me with the light of Your presence
You are my King
You are my God