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2017 Prayer Challenge

Those who would like to join me in praying for the following. Please do so. Let us come and petition The Lord for:

1. For The Church of America; members are those who proclaim Jesus Lord.

A. For true unity based upon what the Bible says and obedience to His Word. In other to believe the entire Bible, not picking and choosing verses according to what society dictates to us.

B. For repentance of the sin in the American Church both individually and as a whole.

C. For us to live our lives as The Lord would have us to.

2. For all politicians as The Lord has placed them over us in America for His purposes.

3. For our military.

4. For all those who are in law enforcement.




Light Up

Light up, light up

My the path for my feet to tread

In this dark and dusty world

Your Word provides the True light

Which illuminates the path for my feet

It’s only by the nail pierced hands

On the old rugged cross

Am I set free from bondage

And healed from the brokenness

This earthly life brings

So, my soul once more

Come before His throne of grace

Allowing His life giving word

To penetrate your wounds

Bringing and breathing fresh life

Into your mind and soul.

The Word

God’s ¬†glory

Word divine

Fill our hearts and minds

With the power of the two edged sword

May we wield it with care

As we proclaim Your word

To this wicked and perverse people

Who reside in the earth

May we ever be ready

With lips and pens ready

To speak, sing, or write

All that You desire to bring forth

Here in the earth

May we as The beloved,Bride of Christ

Ever shout and proclaim

To all who hear that Jesus Lord!


My Constant Friend

Jesus, You are my constant friend

You are the One who comforts my soul

In the raging storms of life

You stretch out your arms

In calm voice, I hear You say,

Be still. I’m all you need.

Come and sit down in My lap

Let ME lavish MY love on you this day.

Pour out your sadness and brokenness

I will fill you with My presence

So that your joy will bubble over.

At this, I proclaim Jesus you are my constant friend indeed.

Thank you Lord for all You continue to do in ME!


Encouragement 3/6/2016

What moves your heart?

What brings joy to the soul?

Is it for God alone?

Does your love and devotion

Belong to God alone?

Or are there obstacles and idols

Standing in the way?

Does the plight of the unborn

Move your heart?

Does the plight of our brothers and sisters in the Lord move your heart?

If these things break your heart

Or you find yourself calloused by them

Then I challenge you:

Make every effort and remembrance

Of these things to bring them

Before The Lord each day

For He hears the prayers of the righteous and answers them out of His Holy Hill!

So, continue to pray

No matter what happens

He is in control!

Praise God!


Be Still My Soul

Be still my soul,

While there are tears flowing

Like a ceaseless fountain

Be still my soul

While your heart is troubled

As though someone died

Be still my soul

And rejoice in The Lord

Your rock and Redeemer

Rejoice oh, my soul

While you have no children

Yet you have many

For The Lord has given many

In His Name

Rejoice my soul

Be still my soul

And grieve not for those you’ve lost

But rejoice in the Lord

For they are with Him!

In The Shadow of HIS Love

In the shadow of HIS love

He delights in us

In the shadow of HIS love

He weeps over us

In the shadow of HIS love

The cross beacons us to repentance

Let us put to death in our lives

Everything that exalts itself above Christ

In the shadow of HIS love

There is hope and redemption of sins

Let us not forget the way we lived before Christ

Let us not forget that it is the Love of God

Not the love of the world that brings wholeness and healing

Seek HIM who loves you so.