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Sweet Romance

Sweet romance

My Savior and I

Its one of a kind romance

My Savior and I

It is nice to know

I’ve been planned long ago

My life was not by chance

My life was not by accident

It was planned by the Savior

From before the sun, moon and stars

Were spoken into being

My existence was planned even then

He chose my parents

He chose when I was conceived

What was not in HIS PLAN from time of Creation

Was abuse, pain and every evil thing

Yet He used those things in my life to bring glory to HIS NAME

I am beautiful in HIS eyes

I am pure and spotless before HIS eyes

As HE chose to live a sinless life

He chose to obey HIS FATHER’S plan

And said, “It’s Finished” He breathed HIS last.

But then what amazement followed

As my Savior rose to life conquering sin, death and the grave

To bring me into a right relationship with himself

So you see, this romance is not just for me alone

Oh, No….

He chose this for us all


The Longing

My soul longs for Heaven

My soul longs to see Jesus face-to-face

To feel the warmth of His embrace

To dance by the crystal sea

In front of the all encompassing King

The LORD, the lover of my soul

As He looks down from His throne

Is grieved by all wickedness 

He sees in the earth today

As much as I long for HIM

I cannot even begin to grasp the thought

“Jesus is grieved by all the wickedness He sees

And His longing to see the entire world

The way that His Father intended to be from the very beginning.”

I cannot even fathom the depth of His love and plan for me

Yet I know HIS Goodness and Faithfulness lasts an eternity

How great is My God! How loving is My God!

How compassionate is HE who did not spare His Son

But gave Him up for each of us so that we could forgiven 

For each of our sins. Praise His holy name!

Sin Cleansing

In the stillness of the night.

The moon shines through the clouds,

Upon the fallen ice and snow.

My heart melts in my Maker’s hand,

As He gently begins to cleanse my soul;

From the ravages of the days’ sin.

Like the moon shining through the clouds,

The Holy Spirit shines His light in the dark areas of my life.

Pointing me in the direction back to HIM.

I seek His forgiveness for the sins He has made known to me.

I feel the cleansing power of HIS blood,

As HE removes the sin as though it were ice.

Like the ice on black pavement can appear good to walk on,

But when you step out onto it you slip and fall and may even break a bone;

So, it is with sin. It may look nice and good to eyes,

Or even tickle your ears until You open HIS word.

Seeking God’s face and realize;

You have been ensnared by this tantalizing thing.

Praise HIM who does not leave us in the pit!

Praise HIM sets us free from the sin and makes us white as snow!

At The Cross

At the cross of Christ

I sit below at His feet

At the cross of Christ

My sorrows cease

My burdens released

My fears expelled

My sins exposed and forgiven

As His blood gushes down

Upon the thirsty ground

What a gracious gift you gave

To mankind as you died upon the cross

The gift of life given to all who would believe

Praise Jesus forever more

Jesus conquered death and the grave

Now reigns in Heaven above

So, rejoice, oh you, His saints

For He will return to you one day.

Unfailing Love

Christ’s unfailing love

He shed for me

On the cross of calvary

How could I ever think that He did not love me

And yet there were many times in my life

Where this was the case

However now I stand in His presence

In complete awe and wonder

Of Christ’s love for me

Praise HIM who was crucified

So that I would life in HIM

Praise HIM for HE is alive

And now I can live

In His presence His love flows free

So come drink of His love that sets the captives free.

The Love of Christ

Covered and embraced 

By the love of Christ

His love poured out 

As an atoning sacrifice

His body was beaten and pierced 

For our transgressions

His blood flowed down the tree

To blot out our sins

Three days later

He arose victorious over sin and eternal death

Through belief in HIM

We are forgiven and have gained access

To God The Father

And through the Holy Spirit

We can live our lives as overcomers In Christ

By rejecting everything that the world holds dear

We lay hold of the Promise of Eternal Life

In Heaven with God for all eternity

Praise HIM 





Forgiveness and Compassion

Forgiveness and compassion

Love, faith and grace

My Lord, Jesus, so full of love

Gave His life for us on the cross

That through his broken body and blood

We would have everlasting life

A life of reconciliation with Himself

A life here on earth to demonstrate and proclaim

The good news of the cross and what it means in everyday life

But how do we demonstrate the good news?

Living loved

Living accepted

Living forgiven

Living by obedience…. Not only to the written word but to everything He says.

Maintaining a intimate relationship with God The Father

Through prayer, reflection and study of HIS WORD

We are all human and NOT perfect beings

So at times we falter and fall head long into a sin and bad habits

When we distance ourselves from The Sustainer of Life

Yet because HE is a loving, compassionate, and just God

He does not leave alone in these sins and bad habits

Though correction is painful it will reap a great harvest in the fruit of our lives

In John 15:1-2 it says, “I am the true vine, and My Father is the Gardener,

He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does

Bear fruit He prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.

So, be thankful that the Lord loves us enough to prune and discipline us

I have to say this to myself also especially when I falter and I will because we all

do, but I know that God is there and He will forgive me!

Praise the LORD for HIS Love, grace, forgiveness, and compassion.


Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me!”