Category: Creatures


Birds chirping in the morning

Ocean waves tossing back and forth

Crickets squeaking

Frogs croaking

Cats meowing

Dogs barking

All creation sings glory to the King

Every morning join the celebration

Sing and dance with all your might

For the King is arrayed in splendid light

There is no darkness, where His light shines forth

We are the light of the world for He, Christ,

Dwells within our hearts.



A Tale of Cats

Two cats

and a kitten

make three bundles of energy

Each unique in his or her own way

Jasper, a grey stripped tabby

Felix, a tuxedo kitty

Angel, a silver grey tabby

The boys have short hair

While my little girl has medium length hair

Two purr as loud as they can

While one you have

put your ear to his chest to hear him purr.

This makes for wonderful time at home.