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Christmas Treasure

How often do you gaze at the Christmas Treasure? I mean intently gaze upon the Christmas Treasure who is Jesus, the One whose birth we are here to celebrate. Take a chance this moment to reflect and celebrate Jesus and think about He has done for you. In what ways have been blessed this year? Have you been set free from bondage? Addiction? Experienced His divine protection over your life! If so it is time for you to rejoice in our Savior’s birth. Proclaim how His life has brought you freedom. Rejoice for Jesus is the real Christmas Treasure!


Oh, Christ the King

Oh, Christ the King

We sing praises to your name

Oh, Christ the King

On this night we declare your love

As we praise the day of your birth

We declare your kingdom come

We declare your will be done

Within our hearts

Within this nation

Yes, even within the world

Oh Christ the King

We praise your mighty name

For it is by your stripes we are healed

Oh Christ the King

We sing praises to you this day

May we live the life as you called us to

May we live our lives in your presence

Drawing our breath from the Spirit of God, Himself, for it is through Him we live!

Oh Christ the King

Maranatha! Maranatha! Maranatha!

Come, Lord Jesus come!

Christmas 2014

Cherish the times

With family and friends

Cherish the reason we are here

Jesus birth into this world

And the life He has given each of us

Through the His blood that was shed on Calvary.

Rejoice and be glad

For the Lord is with those who are broken hearted

He is with all those who call upon HIS name

Rejoice and not hold back

For His gift of life is worth far me

Than something you can buy at a store.

Joyful Shouts

Here we are approaching

Another Christmas season

Another time of hustle and bustle

But do you realize what Christmas is about

What is it to you? I will describe what it means to me.

Joyful shouts of praise rise up from my heart

To the KING OF KINGS and not just in the Christmas season

It is time to reflect on what matters most?

What matter to you? Is it what God values?

Do you take time to reflect on Jesus

Who was born in this world to live for one purpose

And that is to bring humanity back into right standing with HIM

I rejoice because I know all that He did in my life

And continues to do.

So rejoice and if you are lonely

Remember that your brothers and sisters in Christ are with you

And will lift you up in prayer!

Holding On

Holding on to the promises

Of my LORD and KING

Here in this Christmas season

As I move forward with HIM

I no longer feel abandoned at this time of year

I feel quite loved not only by THE LORD

But also by the body of Christ that I’m apart of

Though at times waves of emotion may hit me every now and then

I reminded by THE LORD that I am here because HE WANTED me

I was not accident in HIS EYES and I am not here by chance

I was perfectly crafted by God in my mother’s womb

And God chose me from before earth was formed

To carry out HIS Purposes in my life

And I praise GOD THAT I AM HERE!!


Christmas 2013

As Christmas 2013

Approaches I am grateful

Knowing that Jesus is the reason for this season

Brings such peace to my heart

Praise Jesus Who is worthy

To sit at the right hand of God The Father

Praying for me as well as each one of you

It amazes me that God loved me and humanity

Enough to send Jesus to redeem the world of its sin.

My prayer for Christmas 2013

is that all would recognize that You are LORD OF ALL.

Also that the traditions set by mankind would surrender to Christ.

Happy Birthday Jesus

This is the time of year

To remember and sing

Happy Birthday to Jesus

Who brings the Light and Hope

Into this world

Without Him we would all be

Without Hope

Happy Birthday Jesus

Lover of my soul

I will ever sing

Praise and glory to your Name

Jesus, Jesus

To you none can compare

So today as I remember

What all you have done for me

May you bring joy into the hearts

Of all mankind this Christmas.