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Set Your Hope

Where do you set your hope?

In whom do you rely on?

Is it in your wealth?

Is it in your family?

Is it in yourself?

How can one succeed in life without placing their hope and faith Jesus Christ?

There is a little frame that I received when I graduated high-school twenty years ago from my founding pastor and his wife. It has this saying on it:

When I try

I fail……

When I trust 

God succeeds.”

 I still have this little frame which contains these words which is a huge milestone message in my opinion.

I have gone through these twenty years through various heart wrenching circumstances. The loss of loved ones, battling depression, battling various illnesses, being hospitalized for various things, battled thoughts of suicide while being on or off various medications and the list could still go on. I have been through times where I have been very angry with God for the things that I had gone through but then I would see this message on this frame all through out these years. I knew all that I had to do was to trust in God and no matter the situation or how hard it got deep down inside I knew His way was the best.

No matter what the plans I had were only GOD’s plan for my life would succeed. I would be extremely stubborn in my anger, grief and despair that I would throw tantrums wondering why I had to go through these things but until I went through ministry of being one on one with the LORD through the guidance of a counselor.

The Lord showed me where He was at each instance of abuse, betrayal, abandonment, loss of loved ones, in the hospital, in the tears and anger.

Let me let you in on the secret He is with you too through all the things you were and are going through. You see, Jesus, knew it all, yet for His purposes He allowed these things in my life in order to draw me closer and closer to Himself. He showed me that even as an infant in the crib that HIS banner of love was over me and He would weep over every instance of sin that was either done to me or that I had done to someone else.

One of my favorite worship songs a few years ago for which I cannot remember the exact title but here are some of the words.

His banner over me is love. His banner over me is love and He takes to His banqueting table of love.

For every tear you shed and every circumstance you face Jesus will be there, so set your hope in HIS everlasting love this day. Take some time right now, to be still and know the LORD is GOD in your life today.



God says, I love you!

I love you! I love you!

Rise up and sing.

I love you! I love you!

Before you were born.

Before you could speak a word.

I loved you! I loved you!

Listen, as I sing my song of love for you, My dear.

Listen, as I sing over you, My dear.

I love you! I love you!

I came and lived a sinless life, for you, My dear.

I came and was crucified for you, My dear.

I came and was raised to life, so that you could live with me, My dear.

I love you! I love you!

Hear me as I sing to you, My dear.

Don’t you know by now that I love you;

With all that I brought you through.

Will you sit at My feet,

So, I can lift you up from the dust and call you MY child.

I love you! I love you!



Need to Praise

There comes a time when you need to praise the Lord regardless of the circumstances that you may be going through. Speaking from experience, there have been days that I have not wanted leave my home on Sunday morning because I knew when I got to church tears would flow and today was one of those days. Although there was no church service with a segment of worship and sermon, I had instead a Bible Study group with other women. It was one of those days where on and off through out the day the tears flowed with bittersweet memories of years gone by. It is on these days that I must get up, turn on the music and praise GOD as the tears flow out and down my face; especially when things are extremely difficult. Those are the days one must praise God.

There is a release of every emotion imaginable and for me the tears flow every time even when I am angry when there is music going I can release it through my tears as the music and when I can I will sing it out. It is at these moments I have been able to express my praise not only with my voice but also writing poetry. Its in these moments that I run to Jesus.

I need to praise Thee in the morning.

I need to praise Thee in the mid-day sun.

I need to praise Thee in the moonlight .

With all I am and all I ever will be .

I will praise Thee.

When the tears flows, I feel released

Knowing that HE is there.


Lead Me

Lead me, oh, Lord

In righteousness.

Lead me, oh, Lord

In the stillness.

Let my ears be attentive to Your Spirit.

Help to let go of it all.

Help me to let go of what is gone.

Lead me, oh, Lord

In righteousness.

Lead me, oh, Lord

In the stillness.

Pressing onward.

Pressing upward.

Opening up my heart for more of You.

Help me to let go of it all.

Help me to let of what is gone.

Knowing that You know,

What is best for me.

Your way is perfect.

So, lead me, I do pray

With all my heart.

With all my mind.

With all my soul.

Let Your Spirit speak.

Let Your Spirit fall.

In the stillness.

In righteousness.

Lead me.

Prayer Challenge 2018-2019

For several years the LORD has given a prayer challenge and at the end of last year I waited for one but HE did give the challenge until today. It was the rest of 2018 but also for 2019. The Lord has reminded of the Prophetic Word I had on February 12, 2018 called: Come, America, Come(Use the search button to read it). As we are approaching the National Observance of Prayer for this country on May 3, 2018, keep that these things in mind to pray:

  1. Repent of the American Pride which has brought division and a sense of entitlement among many people. Pride itself is an idol which separates us from the LORD. God is the Creator and who are we to think that we can be God.
  2.  Repent of the mismanagement of the resources we have in this country as well as personally.
  3. Seek the LORD and know that HE is God alone.
  4. Seek the LORD and not legislation to change the hearts of people; remembering we are all sinners. Stop pointing the fingers at others and realize that each one is responsible for their own sins and not the sins of others. We are each held accountable to the LORD for what we have done.
  5. Continue to seek the LORD in prayer for our hearts to change.
  6. Continue to pray for the military both at home and abroad.
  7. Continue to pray for the children and our schools.
  8. Continue to pray for those who serve in all emergency services and those who serve as chaplains for these agencies also.
  9. Continue to pray and seek THE LORD and do what HE says to do.
  10. Continue to pray for those who are elected officials in all levels of government.
  11. Encourage and bear one another’s burdens.



Was then..Now are

Lord, shake up the Heavens

Lord, shake up the earth

Calling things that were in the beginning

Now are revealed in the Heavens and the earth

Send forth Holy fire to proclaim freedom to the captives

Lord, in my life make me shake

Lord, in my life make me quake

Send forth Holy fire in the Heavens and the Earth

Making the lame walk

Making the blind see

Making the deaf hear

Call forth a great awakening in the earth

Lord, awaken me

Lord, awaken the church

Lord, awaken the oceans deep

Pouring forth the Holy fire from the throne

Make it as a river

A mighty gushing,rushing river

From what was a tiny flame

Now is growing, growing and moving all over the earth

Let the army of the LORD arise

Let the army of the LORD arise

Raising the flag of victory

For WE overcome by the BLOOD of the LAMB and the WORD of our TESTIMONY




Blessed King

Blessed King,

Oh, how I love Thee!

You spoke, “Let there be.

Making all that I see.

Blessed King,

Oh, how I adore Thee!

You spoke, “Release the chains; casting them into the sea. Never bind her again for she is MINE!”

Blessed King,

Oh, how I praise Thee!

For I am free, no more do the fears tear at me.

No more, I say, no more

Will the enemy ensnare me into trappings which once held me in chains.

No more I say, no more

Will the enemy have control

For Jesus Christ is God alone!

The chains have fallen and I am free.