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Brokenness and Surrender

The LORD is there in the brokenness. The LORD is there to comfort and peace in the midst of the brokenness. The LORD is there to bring strength and stability in times of brokenness.

My prayer for myself over the years in times of brokenness is to bring healing but only to the point where I still need HIM in my life. If I no longer had brokenness I might began to think that I could survive this life without HIM but that is not the case. Each day and each moment we are called to a life of surrender.

How would you define surrender in your life?

How does surrendering to Christ look like in your life?

Are there things in your life that are good things to do but is the LORD calling you to leave them for a season?

Are there things in your life that the LORD is calling you to pick up and you don’t want to or you can’t even comprehend you can do it?

The LORD has me doing other things than teaching kids about HIM right now.  Some things I that the LORD still has me doing is keeping this blog rolling, focusing more HIM through Bible study with other women, praying in a journal and there are other things. Yet I feel as though I am in limbo with the things of the LORD.

If your like me and feel that you are in spiritual limbo, I suggest that you find someone to pray for you as you go through this season of finding the LORD’s direction for your life right now. Take some time, reflect and examine what your doing to see if THE LORD has another direction for you to go in.


The LORD is…

The LORD is ….

Holy,  pure, majestic, awe-inspiring, protector, defender, Judge….

Full of grace, peace, love, joy, gentle, Avenger..

All seeing, all knowing, ever present…

Creator, master, sovereign over all…

Commander of Angel Armies…

Redeemer, Savior, KING…

Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace

Wonderful Counselor,powerful

The Alpha and Omega,

The beginning and end of all things

All there is and all there will be

Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Yet all three persons are ONE

All wisdom and all knowledge

Begin with the reverent fear of THE LORD

Praise HIM both now and ever more

Trusting The LORD

I received a small but powerful wall art that I do not have hanging up yet but love the words. “WHEN LIFE IS TOO HARD TO STAND, KNEEL.”  I agree to with this statement. You want to why. I have been there many times in my life and I will also add that when life is too hard FALL FLAT on YOUR FACE and release all the pain, tears, frustrations and fears to the LORD. There is nothing that can make this life more bearable than to let the LORD know how you feel as you release your emotions; be still before the LORD; as the tears dry up LISTEN to what THE LORD of Heaven has to say to you. Life is fleeting and for the followers of Jesus Christ it is very difficult and were promised that life would be difficult as His ambassador, BUT OH, the peace HE instills in us as we live out what we believe in obedience. So, as tomorrow starts a new work week for me my prayer is that the LORD will be glorified in all I do, say and even think. This is challenging but I KNOW that Trusting THE LORD and not in mankind is the way to go. The LORD is sovereign and HE has already planned my day out before I know how it will turn out. Isn’t awesome to think the LORD has each of in the palm of HIS Hand. Put a piece of dried fruit or even a chocolate chip in your Hand and see how much like that item you are surround in the palm of HIS HAND.




Tangible Presence 3

As I look around the world in which I live I can’t help but notice that we in the church need a fresh imparting of the Holy Spirit especially with those of my generation and younger. May HIS presence also fall upon the generations that precede mine but like salvation unless God initiates it will fall upon us like words on deaf ears. People keep wanting things like revival to happen and pray for it, but when it comes do we recognize it as being a move from GOD. When I wrote in part 1 of Tangible Presence about my experience being nailed to the floor as I began to cry and cry; some of people that are part of my church asked me where did this happen and they were not aware of it? Lord, let not the generations before or after mine miss what You are doing in the present.

I remember how it started when I was a teen, a few of the teens, had come back from Toronto, Canada where the LORD was moving mightily at the time and it became known as the Toronto Blessing. When these teens began to share what happened there The LORD moved upon the congregation and one by one starting with the youth came up for prayer and many people were touched by the power of GOD. God began to build unity within the hearts of the pastors of this city and has since celebrated 20 years from the day it was founded. This group has become known as the Durham Ministers in prayer.

All the generations in the earth today need to see THE LORD move mightily in each and every nation around the globe. Lord, build your unity in the hearts of my generation and younger so that those that are currently in the church will stake a claim to this earth and say what the GOD of Abraham, Issac, Jacob did for them HE WILL DO FOR US and may all the generations living in the earth today become MARKED with the anointing of GOD so that this world will proclaim YOU are GOD!


Come, America,Come

Come, America, come

Turn your heart back from your arrogance,

You would have nothing if I, the LORD of Heaven had not given it to you.

Come, America, come

It’s time you recognize your arrogance,

You boast many things America,

You said, with your might that you kept the world at peace,

With your technology and vast resources You kept the world going.

But, I THE LORD, say look around your country

Are you still so powerful that YOU do not need ME

I put the people on this continent long before Christopher Columbus

I also brought people from all over the world to settle here

For I called, YOU to be a nation,

I brought YOU forth to be a world power and I can topple you just as quickly

I gave people a brain with wisdom and understanding so that all these modern things you take pride in and enjoy could spread forth MY WORD and that Salvation would come to all people.

Look what happened at the Tower of Babel,

The heart of mankind became so arrogant that they wanted to become a god in and of themselves and of this heart mankind still wants this though some will not admit it. I separated the continents, mankind, and dispersed the different languages.

I have sent fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and the like. YOU still do not heed and repent of your arrogance and many, many sins.

To MY PEOPLE, who are called by NAME and have My Mark upon them:

I have heard your cries of repentance,

I see the heart of true repentance among those who are obedient.

I say to you as I said, to Joshua the son nun, when Moses died,

BE strong! Be courageous! Be strong and very courageous! Press into ME! Do Not let your hearts become hardened to things going on around you. Let MY Holy Spirit, which I sent among you, to be present and not be ignored as MY PRESENCE is with you, I will birth in this nation once again a true reverence for MY NAME, MY SON, MY SPIRIT. I will be praised in this NATION as it’s GOD. So, MY people be strong and very courageous for the things you will go through to be used BY ME To bring this change in America.



Savior, I come

Savior, I come, I come.

All of the fears..

All of the tears…

I lay at your feet.

They are falling down one by one before Your holy throne.

I feel peace and strength rising up within me;

Joy ever increasing as I praise the risen LORD!

Holiness, majesty, grandeur fill the room as the King of glory enters in.

His presence made manifest as a warming and soothing sensation moves upon my being.

Praise and glory fills my mouth with all you seen me through.

So, sweet Savior, I come, I come.

All the past is gone, yet your glorious purpose remains for me!

I think that the Apostle Paul said it best ” TO LIVE IS CHRIST”

To live is Christ, allowing His desires and plans for you to shine through and be accomplished in and through me.



Tangible Presence Part 2

The first time that I heard about the Holy Spirit was while reading a book that my birth mother had by Benny Hinn called, “Good morning, Holy Spirit” I read the whole book and began to cry, I wanted my life at that time to change as well as my surroundings. I was just 12 year-old at that time and as I mentioned in my testimony in another post, I accepted Jesus in my heart while watching a kids television show called “Gospel Bill” by Willie George ministries.

I saw this program every Saturday along with Superbook and Flying House on a channel that could be picked up on my grandparents old Zenith Television with a roof top antenna. The network was called Trinity Broadcasting Network. I can even remember that the channel was 61 on the turn dial.

As an 12 year-old and listening to my sister cry in another room in the mobile home we were living in, I was fearful and wanted to run away and even thought about going out the window down the trail hitch to seek for help but I did not know who to turn to or where to go. I closed the curtains on my window and I went to hide in the closet as I knew why my sister cried but was powerless to stop what was happening and that I would be next. Frightened, I asked God, to make it stop and to make me safe. The next day , I believe I read the book about the Holy Spirit and right then had the vision of Jesus with His hands out-stretched and something I heard something like a harp in the background. This quieted and calmed me as ONLY GOD can do. My birth mother, called an elder of the church we attended at the time. This elder, was also in law enforcement, at the time, and He told me to write it down. I no longer have the book I wrote it in but I remember that this took place in November of 1991.

Looking back, at the prayer I what I asked God, HE did answer it. He what I wanted to runaway from stop by taking me out it and not only that He made me safe. Ever since I had read that there was The Holy Spirit, I’ve wanted to embrace HIM. He has taken me from this stage and made my prayer to be, from Lord make me safe to make me brave. Make me brave to do the things which you have called me to do.  I believe ,HE continues to do so as I yield to what HIS plans are for me.

Stay tuned more to come..