The Choice is YOURS

The choice is yours and yours alone when you decide to commit the same sins as others in your family or friends fellow believers. I know that there are some out there that believe in generational curses such as poverty and addictions and the list could go on but, sometimes it is willful choice one makes in his or her life to carry on the sins of the previous generations in your own families.

To the survivors of domestic abuse in whatever form you may have suffered in life whether from childhood or adulthood, you are not doomed to commit the same acts against your own family as does the drug abusers, alcoholics and the like. I have heard from different people whether it was in a therapy session or just from others in the community that that a person like me should not have or even teach kids based on their assumption that me or people like me are doomed to repeat the same sins of their parents or even ancestors from hundreds of years before. I have to tell you that you do have a choice to make whether you are going to act on the “assumption that you are doomed to repeat it” or to believe and act on what the LORD JESUS CHRIST SAYS, choose to follow HIM or choose to sin, that is it.

Read Romans 1:18-32 in its entirety. Then consider the following questions by seeking and asking the LORD for the answers , write them down and confess it not only to the LORD but to one other person if the LORD requires it of you.

Are you without an excuse for not knowing God why or why not?

What about the LORD has been made obvious to you through the world around you? Reflect on your own life and the choices you have made and ask the LORD to show you the results or consequences of your choices in your own life and does it affect others.

Do you know HIM as the LORD of your life or is it just a good idea to follow HIM.

What does it mean to JESUS the LORD of YOUR life?

Now read JOHN 3:16-17 and write it below:


How do you feel about GOD loving you enough to die for you?

List the biblical references for the following themed words:

Wages of sin



There was a period of time in my own life where I believed the common lie, you are the product of the environment you lived in as a child and as such doomed to repeat it. If this sounds remotely similar to what you heard growing or even repeated it to someone, then ask GOD to show what HE wants you to see and know from HIS word. FORGIVE , everyone the Lord shows you to forgive or seek forgiveness from HIM for your own actions.

As a fellow believers in JESUS Christ, you have to choice to sin in this way as the generations before you or you can choose to obey Christ by receiving HIS forgiveness and extending to those who have harmed you or someone you love in anyway. Remember the LORD, loved you enough to die for you and suffered separation from HIS eternal home to give you the gift of life.

Why withhold HIS grace, mercy and love from those who sinned or wronged you anyway, when Christ did not withhold it from you?

The choice to follow and believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior is yours today as for me, I will serve the LORD. As Jesus said when HE breathed HIS last, “It is finished” John 19:30.

Is what JESUS did on the cross enough for you to believe that it is finished. The sins of your parents you are not doomed to repeat for the LORD said it is finished on the cross . The punishment for the sin is complete and you are a new creation in Christ Jesus. When one accepts forgiveness from the LORD for his sin or her sin it is a choice to accept like it is a choice to sin. Receive His free gift of mercy today.

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