Zechariah, Judgment & Salvation

In order to satisfy my curious mind today, I decided to read Zechariah 12 in a couple of older translations and compare it with the contemporary language found in the Message translation done by Eugene Peterson.

The first translation that I chose is the 1599 Geneva Bible which one could look up online at http://www.biblegateway.com . I am going to share a couple of verses out of this one and compare it with that of the Message.

Read Zechariah 12:1-14 in both the 1599 Geneva Bible and the Message.

Which of the verse or verses and translation hits you or speaks to the most between the two. Here is an example of mine below:

12:1 Geneva Bible

The burden of the Lord upon Israel, saith the Lord, which spread the Heavens , laid the foundation of the earth,and formed the spirit of man within him.

What does it mean by the phrase ” the burden of the Lord” or “God’s message as it states in the Message? Is there a deeper meaning in one of them or are they both the same?

I find it extremely satisfying to look up words even ones I know the general meaning for and then ask questions using the scripture as my base of operations. I guess that is why I enjoy Inductive Bible Study and other forms of Bible Study. I like to endeavor to grow closer to the Lord by not only gaining knowledge but learning to simplify without loosing its rich meaning. In other words, to condense the lessons learned with a few bullet points that even an audience of children could understand.

Enough about me what is the Lord saying to you in this scripture passage as a whole and how can you deepen your belief in the LORD by asking the following questions using Who, What, Where, Why, When and How about the passage

The rest of this section of scripture in Zechariah 12:2-14 I want to hear from you? Break the passage into segments if you need to and make it as simple as you can without loosing the facts of the passage. Then spend sometime in the presence of the Lord seeking HIM for the answers to the questions which you are to provide. Do some of the research to satisfy your own desire to get to Know HIM.

Think! Reflect! Seek the LORD!


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