Encouragement and Word

Trust in the Lord in these perilous and tossing of seas. Know for certain that the Lord who commands the seas is there with you watching and waiting for you to come and submit to HIM. He knows what is the best and sees the good fruit that will be produced not only in you but through you also.

“Open your eyes and your hearts to all the plans and gatherings that I will bring and have already planned for you.” Says the Lord.

“Hear my heart is to bring you and all generations in my body into a place of unity that none has seen or experienced here in your lifetime. Yes, there have been many movements through out history to do this, but were not lasting. I will bring a lasting and a legacy of unity; when all see it in the earth be cautious for there will be many man-made attempts at it, but only My Unity will remain. My unity and My peace are only found in ME.” Says the Lord


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