Isaiah, 63 & 64

Read Isaiah 63:1-6 ESV and write out a description of what is taking place in this passage.

How does this passage depict what is to come in the Messiah and does this passage posses multiple fulfillment if so, when? List the scripture references.

Read Isaiah 63:7-14 and list the attributes of the Lord and the scripture references below:

In what ways can you describe the steadfast love of the LORD in your life at this moment. Could be today or last week? What can you give HIM praise for?

Read Isaiah 63:15-19; Isaiah 64:1-12 and write out a prayer based on these passages of scripture here below:


Close today, by writing out the verses that speak to your heart and consider seeking the LORD by reading out loud the prayer you prayed with a group.

Hymn of Praise

Surrounded in glory.

Surrounded in the light of His grace.

Flow down,

Flow down,

Rivers of mercy.

Oh, flow down from Heaven’s throne,

Upon the nations.

Let all creation sing!

Let all creation sing!

Hosanna! Hosanna to the King!

Fill the earth with your glory.

Fill the earth with the power of your Spirit.

Your resurrection power that brings the dead to life.

Let the might power bring the dead to life in this earth.

Every sickness and every knee must bow before You, the Sovereign Lord!

The Warrior Bride

I thought that it was fitting to reblog this poem from 2010. Be blessed and encouraged.

Living Fountain

Strong and valiant
With the power of the Most High
On her side
Down on her knees
Down on her knees she’s
Interceding and pleading on behalf of her
Loved ones, city, nation and world.
“Oh, Lord Almighty
The One who sets me aflame
Let me a beacon of light for the world to see
That You are real and that Your judgement is coming soon
 Let every tribe, people and nation
Come before Your Cross of mercy and grace
Let Your love penetrate into their soul
So that they too can become part of the Warrior Bride
Holiness, holiness is Who You are
Majestic and powerful You are
Faithful and true You are
The Warrior Bride proclaims
Jesus Christ is Lord forever and always
He is the Alpha and Omega
The Beginning and the End
He is going to return to His Warrior Bride
For the Great Wedding and banquet of The Lamb…

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Isaiah, 62

Read Isaiah 62 in both the ESV and Amplified Classic Edition and list the words and phrases that mean the most to you in both of the translations.

Fill in the blank for Isaiah 62:1-2 AMPC

For Zion’s sake will I [Isaiah] not hold my ____________, and for Jerusalem’s sake I will not ________ until her imputed righteousness and vindication go forth as brightness, and her salvation radiates as does a burning torch. And the nations shall see your _________________ and _______________ [ your rightness and justice-not your own, but His ascribed to you] and all kings shall behold your salvation and glory; and you shall be given a new name which the mouth of the Lord shall name.

Look up in an English dictionary the following words:

  1. Imputed ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2. Righteousness_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. Vindication____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

How has the LORD defined you and given you a new name?

Write down a list of all the names or labels that people have given in your life on a separate piece of paper and then list the New names that the LORD has given you right beside them along with any scripture references. Ask the LORD if there is anything that He wants to reveal to you about the two lists and if there is anything you need to forgive.

Then when that is done listen to the following song by Matthew West called, “Hello, My Name Is”

Now, go back and Read Isaiah 62:3-12 and note anything that Lord speaks to you about this passage.

What is the LORD telling you to do through this passage?

July 30, 2020 Prophetic Word

This is a Prophetic Word that I received from the LORD back on July 30, 2020 that I feel now that the LORD wants to be shared now here on the blog.

“Come with open hearts. Come with no agenda. Come before ME with willing hearts. Listen My people, you desire to know my plans. Come and hear them now! I am revealing Myself to many in various places around the world. Many are seeing My Son in dreams and visions theses days in much the same way, My Son appeared to Saul, through out the Middle East. Throughout this region I am calling on them where no man has been able to reach.

I am drawing a distinct line in the sand here in America which divides the nation in a spiritual aspect as well as a physical one. While the enemy wants to divide America with fear and hate, where as My division is as follows, My people who are called by Name are being hard pressed on every side in order that My glory may be revealed in not only them personally but also corporately also. Those that I have called to be My people in America be ready, willing able to literally snatch people from the fire and reveal to all those that will listen to you that I am the One True God and besides ME there is no other. There will be more dangerous times ahead for some but do not loose hope and peace in ME for I desire to do great things in America. America must bow their knee as a whole and Follow ME.

I am drawing My Beloved people to an increased time of prayer so that they can press into My presence, as they seek knowing that there are fiery trails so that My glory may be revealed through them.

Come and listen with attentive ears in the days yet to come. “Says the Lord!

September 26, 2020 Prophetic Word

Below is a prophetic word that the LORD gave me last Saturday while watching the Prayer March during the 5th stop of the March while Aleveda King prayed.

“Listen My children, Be vigilant. Be watchful for I will come in power and pour out My Spirit once again upon America and My people. Be ready for change. Be ready to proclaim what I have done in your lives and take a stand for My NAME as You are today. All across this nation people are seeking My face. I Am with you all. I have not forgotten America or You. So be ready, willing and able to what I’ve called you to do at this time.” Says the LORD

Isaiah, 61

Read Isaiah 61 ESV or other Translation and note the verses that spoke to you.

Who did the Lord anoint to bring the good news to the poor?

How has the Lord bound up and mended your heart when it has been broken?

Perhaps your heart was recently broken and you are in need of healing, what are the ways that you are trying to mend your own heart through?

Do you strive to get your heart healed by looking for something to pacify the brokenness whether it is through alcohol, drugs, eating too much or too little? Am I speaking to anyone?

Are you looking for the LORD to be your Healer? If so why? Are you looking for a relationship with the Lord of the universe or just healing?

Spend some time before the LORD seeking HIM for Who He is and not for what HE can do, then wait and see what the LORD will do.

Prayer Challenge 2021

I have been asking the Lord recently what He would like me to pray for as we approach the end of 2020. The Year of 2020 has definitely been a year of change in this world for which the majority of the people did not want have happen. The people in America have been divided those that are fearful and those that are full of hatred. There is a clear line with those who in believe in the Lord and those that have fallen away in the faith.

  1. Pray for those who will get elected in November 2020 in the United States as well as their families. For their protection and health.
  2. Pray for boldness for those who have taken a stand on the Word of GOD as the absolute authority for which we are to live by.
  3. Pray for boldness to seek the LORD and for the American Church to repent and follow the LORD wholly devoted to HIM.
  4. Pray for the LORD to instill courage to all those who dare to stand and pray for the nation to return to THE ONE TRUE GOD.
  5. Pray for the well being of our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world.
  6. Pray for the Law Enforcement officers whether they local or federal and all other emergency workers.
  7. Pray that the Fear of THE LORD will return to the nations.

Chosen..Not Forgotten

Do you remember who you belong to in this earth? Do you know who has control over everything in the earth both the things you can see and the unseen? Are you afraid to leave your home because you might get COVID-19 or some other illness? Now, let me ask you this question, “Do you believe that you are GOD’s chosen ambassador in the earth?” Then, Here is a reminder of who you are and whose you are!

Read Ephesians 1:1-14 and answer the following!

When were you chosen and by whom?

How did the LORD plan to have you in His kingdom?

How have you been redeemed by the LORD?

Read Psalm 139 and list below the words and phrases that speak to your heart the most as you read them. Be sure to list the verses they came from.

What does this passage say about the Lord and His relationship with creation?

Can we ever fully understand why the Lord chose us or even made us? Why?

Spend some time on your knees, while standing firm in your spirit and ask the LORD to continually remind you be in intercession for your fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord. If necessary call them and pray for them. Ask HIM to speak to your heart as you actively wait in silence so you can hear what HE speaks to you and write down whatever HE tells you below.

Isaiah, 60

Read Isaiah 60:1-22 and take note the verses that speak to you the most here below.

When did the glory of the Lord rise upon Israel?

How has the glory of the Lord been seen in the earth today?

Spend some time before the LORD seeking HIM for whom He desires to bring into His Kingdom! Let Him speak to your heart about what He desires from you.