Always wait

Always know

Who holds you

Your hopes

Your dreams

Your very life in His hands

Is longing for you, America

To return to Him who established you, America,

Especially those that once walked in My ways

Now, reject, Me The Lord who made your very flesh

I say to You , when I do come and I will it will be to judge and to gather My wheat into My house

Don’t be greived and given to fear My true sheep for I tell you this must take place.

Be on the watch posts in this land . Listen. Watch. Pray. Snatch them out of the fire. As I walked in the fiery furnace so I walk among you.

As I walk among you, the people will see My power, the question is will You stand up for Me and even yeild up your life so that others may be snatched from the fire.

Morning Light

As the morning light breaks through

I am reminded of how you know me

At just the right moment

You called me your own

At just the right moment

You began to let newness of love

Break though the tears of all the sorrows I face

Now, I pray that you will continue to heal

And allow this newness to grow

For You OH Lord are in control of all things

May the love continue to grow

May joy continue to fill my heart

As your plans for me unfold day by day.

May my heart feel loved once again

For  what You create  You will uphold

Both now evermore!











Christmas Treasure

How often do you gaze at the Christmas Treasure? I mean intently gaze upon the Christmas Treasure who is Jesus, the One whose birth we are here to celebrate. Take a chance this moment to reflect and celebrate Jesus and think about He has done for you. In what ways have been blessed this year? Have you been set free from bondage? Addiction? Experienced His divine protection over your life! If so it is time for you to rejoice in our Savior’s birth. Proclaim how His life has brought you freedom. Rejoice for Jesus is the real Christmas Treasure!

A Broken Heart

A tender heart

A spoken word

All is at a loss

When there is a broken spirit

Yet there is hope

As long as you remain in the vine

While this vine supports you all it can

There is only one who knows you

I mean really knows you from the inside out

For He is tender -hearted

Yet filled with justice

The Lord is the one I speak of

Come to Him like I’ve done this year

Rest and call to Him for healing

He will restore you with a fullness of joy

In due time

In the meantime saturate yourself in the word.

May The Lord bless you today!

2017 Prayer Challenge

Those who would like to join me in praying for the following. Please do so. Let us come and petition The Lord for:

1. For The Church of America; members are those who proclaim Jesus Lord.

A. For true unity based upon what the Bible says and obedience to His Word. In other to believe the entire Bible, not picking and choosing verses according to what society dictates to us.

B. For repentance of the sin in the American Church both individually and as a whole.

C. For us to live our lives as The Lord would have us to.

2. For all politicians as The Lord has placed them over us in America for His purposes.

3. For our military.

4. For all those who are in law enforcement.




Come and worship

Come with music and song

Sing before The Lord of Hosts

For He knows what all you are going through

Even at this moment He is with you

So declare and make known

To the enemy of your soul

Jesus Christ is God alone

He will bring you

His true followers safely through

Though some may walk through

Dangerous Storms of life

So on this night rejoice

Rejoice for Jesus is on His throne

NO one and nothing can separate you

From Himself for He has declared you

His own representatives as the world

Intensifies in evil

It will not overcome you

For you are His Child and His Children will have dominion over the evil.


Tattered pages in the Bible

Displaying highlighted, underlined

And notes in the margins

Should be the case in a Christian’s life

The words so ingrained in you

You can quote them in dreams

For a defense against satan’s

Nagging banter and condemnation

For it is the Word of God

That is sharper than any two edged sword

Praise God for He has redeemed His people

From the pit of destruction.

There is a battle being waged in the

Heavens that impacts the world we live in.

Rise up. Rise up.

Liv your life as an example of Christ

In this world

Do not, do not lose hope

For The Lord will give you the words to say.

Blessed be His Name!