Where There Is…

Where there is beauty from within

There is a soul who is sold out to Christ

Where there is joy from within

There is the strength of the Lord

Where there is hope from within

There is a soul who is anchored in Christ alone

Where there is love from within

There is a soul who abides in Christ

He alone is the author of love for God is love.

The Longing

My soul longs for Heaven

My soul longs to see Jesus face-to-face

To feel the warmth of His embrace

To dance by the crystal sea

In front of the all encompassing King

The LORD, the lover of my soul

As He looks down from His throne

Is grieved by all wickednessĀ 

He sees in the earth today

As much as I long for HIM

I cannot even begin to grasp the thought

“Jesus is grieved by all the wickedness He sees

And His longing to see the entire world

The way that His Father intended to be from the very beginning.”

I cannot even fathom the depth of His love and plan for me

Yet I know HIS Goodness and Faithfulness lasts an eternity

How great is My God! How loving is My God!

How compassionate is HE who did not spare His Son

But gave Him up for each of us so that we could forgivenĀ 

For each of our sins. Praise His holy name!

The Graciousness of God

All compassionate

Steadfast in love and faithfulness

Is the graciousness of God

Full of mercy and gentleness

Oh, highly favored men and women of the Lord

Listen closely to His heart for you

Rise up and praise HIM

Thank HIM for the little things

Thank HIM for the breath to breathe

Thank HIM for a new day

Thank HIM for HIS compassion on you

Thank HIM for the adversity you face

For in it you will grow in HIM exponentially

As you press into HIM and die to self

Let HIS desires become your own

Be HIS hands and feet to this dying world

Smile, nod, or wave at a passer by

Give out of your love and obedience to HIM

Let HIM move through you this day.

Want to Be Real

You want to be real

You want to be genuine

In all that you do

‘Cause all you see around you

Are those who believe one way

And live another

I’m here to tell you

Stay true to the Author and perfector

Of the faith you hold so dear

‘Cause those who are around you

Are looking at all that you do

To see if what you believe

Is what You say and do

Don’t give up

Don’t give in to the pressures of society

To be like them

Go against the tide

For Your obedience to Christ is worth dying to self

The world will know that YOU are HIS

By Your act of obedience could turn

A village, a city, a nation and yes even the world

Back to The LORD through repentance

For true freedom is only found in Christ alone!


Dare to be different…

Dare to stand in midst of adversity…

Dare to stand and pray for your city…

Dare to stand and pray for your nation…

Dare to stand and pray for your world…

Dare to live for Jesus Christ…

Dare to stand on HIS word…

For the world needs to see the difference…

For the world needs to see and experience the Love of Jesus Christ…

For God is love and everything good that happens in this earth….

Happens because of God’s love being demonstrated through you…

Yes, through you…

So be genuine….

Let your life reflect your belief in Jesus Christ and His word…

Be obedient to His word…

And others will be drawn to Jesus because of your act of obedience…

And love for them…..

When they see you rejoicing and standing firm in your faith…

They too will want to know Jesus…

So, don’t shrink back during adversity and great stress…

Rather pursue God and HIS righteousness…

He will see you through…

The Rock: A declaration of Faith

Psalm 62:2 Amplified

He only is my Rock and my Salvation, my Defense and my Fortress, I shall not be greatly moved.

My Lord is the Rock of stability in my life.

My Lord is the Rock I cling to.

My Lord is the Rock who anchors me in HIS safe harbor.

My Lord is my Salvation.

My Lord is my Redeemer who purchased me with His blood that was shed on the cross.

My Lord is my First line of Defense against all the evil and corrupt things in this world.

My Lord is my Fortress in the midst of battle.

My Lord is my Shelter from the storm.


Jesus Adonai

Jesus My Prince of peace

In HIM I have the Victory

Hear My Cry This Day

Hear my cry

Dear Lord above the heavens

Hear my cry

Release Your presence in this place

From the mountains to the sea

You are the God who encompasses me

You are the God who hears and sets the captives free

May Your presence flood this place

As I come and bow before you this day

Continue to fill my heart with praise

As everyday I am learning to surrender to Your Will

In all things, You are the One who deserves my praise!