Arise, My Child

Arise, My Child

Arise and bless His name

For His presence goes before you

And stands behind you

Holding you in the palm of His hand

He is there to listen

He is there to answer you

He calls you by name

You are His child

He created you for such a time as this

Whatever He has laid on your heart

To pray or do

Do it knowing He called you to do it

In whatever circumstance you find yourself in

Know that He is there for you

No matter what time of day it is

Rejoice, My child, For Jesus has redeemed you

And you will rest in HIS tender care

All the days of your life.



Holiness and majesty

Adorn HIM

Righteousness and justice

Belong to HIM

Faithfulness, grace, and mercy

Flows from HIS throne

Peace and gentleness

HE gives to all who come

Into HIS presence

Beloved, May the Spirit of the living God

Rest and reside in you this day

Praise His Holy NAME!

His Name Is Jesus

His name is Jesus

My heart melts at the mention of HIS name

His name is Jesus

My God, Who created me

His name is Jesus

Who displaced my fears with peace

His name is Jesus

Who caught my tears

As they flowed down my face

During haunting memories

Now erased, by the power of His grace

His name is Jesus

Who redeemed me from the grip of despair

And placed me in HIS loving care

His name is Jesus

Who gave me hope

When the world, says, there is none

His name is Jesus

My Redeemer, Savior and Friend!

For Mrs. Elizabeth Krynski

My heart is overwhelmed

By the mercy and grace

Of Jesus Christ

As I think of Sweet Elizabeth Krynski

Her infectious smile and joy

Lit up the room as she entertained and praised


Through her writing and music

I can see her even now

Worshipping before Your throne

Of mercy and grace

With words of praise

As she dines with the KING of KINGS!


Amazing joy

Amazing love

Amazing grace

His blood poured down the cross

What a gift it is to know Him

Who was crucified upon the cross

He bore guilt and shame

Of the entire human race

For all eternity The Father sees us

Through the lens of Jesus’ blood

Amazing joy

Amazing love

Amazing grace

We are victorious

Yes we are! Yes we are!

Victorious through the blood of Jesus

Victorious through the word of our testimony

For in HIM is the power to live!

In HIM is the power to overcome!

And to overcome is to choose Jesus and His way

At every turn we make.

Praise March 3, 2015

The God Who reigns in Heaven

The God Who created the universe

And all the things that dwell in it

Dances and sings over you with joy

Oh, Saints of the most High God

Do not dwell on sadness and things that bring division

Focus on the Lord and what is written in The Word

Do NOT Compromise to fit into Society

But rather love one another as Christ has loved you


One day He will return and sets things right but right now

Focus on what He has called you to do!

In all things pray to the God of Heaven

And He will hear you and answer you!

Praise IS Rising Up


Awe-inspiring praise

Rising up from the saints

As they are being persecuted



Whose Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom

Praise and glory

Be unto HIS NAME

Let all the saints from earth

Praise and rejoice

For The Lord will return

In Power and every eye will see HIM

Lord we cry out

Your Kingdom

Your Will be done

As it is in HEAVEN so shall it be here in the earth.