As Easy as Pie

We would all like to think that trusting both in God and allowing Him to work in our lives should be easy as pie. We should all be able to live in peace with good will for all our fellow men and women on this planet we call home.

However, this is not the reality we live in here on earth.

In reality we live in a sin-filled world. I wonder sometimes if The Lord looks down from Heaven with tears in His eyes as He did in the days of Noah, saying, He is grieved He made us.

In an instant a rainbow appears over a portion of the skies and The Lord is reminded of His covenant He made with Noah. He would never destroy all flesh in this world with a massive flood that covers the entire world again.

It was The Lord’s mercy and love for His creation that stayed His patient hand to keep Noah, his family as well as the animals safe on the Ark.

It was The Lord’s mercy and love for the human race that He humbled Himself taking on the nature of a human being, which is by all respects a servant in The Lord’s eyes.

He came into this world to restore and bring proper balance in relation to the relationship between Himself and mankind.

It was The Lord’s mercy that sent Jesus to die on the cross and that through belief in Him we should dwell with Him for eternity.

Now in today’s world, in which you and I live, where evil is called good and good called evil. We as believers and ambassadors of Jesus Christ live in this to live as He lived. As Christians we are to live a life of humility by esteeming others above ourselves which goes against what this world hold dears.

How are we as the body of Christ doing that I wonder?


Sovereign Lord

Sovereign Lord

I enter into Your presence

With praise falling from my lips

Arise arise

Sovereign Lord

Scatter the plans of the enemy

Awaken awaken

The hearts of the nations

To proclaim Your Kingdom come

Your will be done

For great are You Lord

Great and marvelous are Your ways

Your kingdom is everlasting

Of Your power

There is no end

Sing aloud

All the peoples of the earth

Proclaim His majesty

To the ends of the earth

Rejoice in Jesus Christ

Who is the Way

Who is the truth

Who is the life

The only God who became a man

Who walked a sinless life

Was nailed to a cross

Becoming sin and bearing the shame

Was buried and then raised to life

Now seated at the right hand

Of Him who sits on the throne

Who Will return to judge the earth

And gather His own

Praise and glory be His forever Amen!

Oh, Christ

Oh, Christ

Glory and honor

Belong to Your Name

Oh, Christ

The King

Clothed in majesty

How great and vast

Your unshakable power is

How awesome are your deeds

Your wonders of old

I will make known

Holiness and grace

Is who You are

May I ever shout and sing

Of Your wondrous love

Oh, God My King

Thoughts To Ponder

Let us all come before His throne of grace with joy. He has removed the reproach of sin and the sting of death far from us.

Come into His presence with praise; counting all the disasters and heart-wrenching circumstances as a test of our faith.

As we are refined by the circumstances in each of our lives; let’s remember that others are watching us to see how we react to the pressures of this life.

I have a few questions circling around in my mind and here they are.

Am I being ruled by my circumstances or or other things beyond my reach?

Who do I stand for?

Am I allowing the Lord to use or do I sit on the sidelines waiting to be asked to be of use?

Does my life reflect God’s character?

Do I ask the Lord who to vote for elections or complain about them?

Either the Lord is in control or we just think we are?

Think about it!




Clothed in glory

The Ancient of Days

Sits upon His throne

With the Son and Spirit

He governs the universe

Sometimes I wonder how much

Jesus longs to return to us, His Bride,

Or how often He cries out to The Father

“When can I return to bring her home

My Father, when, I hear her calling out to me.”

The Father replies, “wait… wait… wait

The time has not yet come but soon will be.

All things are in My hands

Yet My mercy remains still yet for a while

For I desire none to perish but all to have life in My Kingdom.”

Holiness of God

As I come in worship

I am in awe of the holiness of my Lord

There is no wickedness or deceit

Found in Him

His ways are pure and endures always

His ways and His I desire

For all my days here on earth

Are limited but I take great joy

Being in His glorious presence

For it is there that I find great comfort

In knowing that all things are in

Your nail-pierced hands

Covered by your precious blood

So I will cling forever to Jesus

For He is my life and the light of my path.

We bring praise

We bring praise to You

King of glory

We bring praise to You

Lord of all the earth

May the heavens open

The seas resound

For the glory of The Lord

Is in this place

For You are great

Your love extends to mankind

For You desire none to perish

But have everlasting life

So, hear our hearts we pray

Fill the earth with those who will proclaim

Your message to all who will hear

That Jesus is The Lord of all

The author and finisher of the faith

May we ever proclaim Your name

To those in the earth.