Here we are…

Here we are in the tempest of life

Here we are in the war room

On our knees, on our knees

Asking the Lord above

For a miracle in the land we love

We cry out this day,

For a mighty outpouring of Your Holy Spirit

Upon all those that lead this land we love

Oh, America, land we love

May we no longer stand tall on our might

But may we stand tall on our knees

For it is JESUS CHRIST, who is the LORD of all

Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD

Blessed are they who stand tall on their knees

For theirs is the victory.

Sweet Romance

Sweet romance

My Savior and I

Its one of a kind romance

My Savior and I

It is nice to know

I’ve been planned long ago

My life was not by chance

My life was not by accident

It was planned by the Savior

From before the sun, moon and stars

Were spoken into being

My existence was planned even then

He chose my parents

He chose when I was conceived

What was not in HIS PLAN from time of Creation

Was abuse, pain and every evil thing

Yet He used those things in my life to bring glory to HIS NAME

I am beautiful in HIS eyes

I am pure and spotless before HIS eyes

As HE chose to live a sinless life

He chose to obey HIS FATHER’S plan

And said, “It’s Finished” He breathed HIS last.

But then what amazement followed

As my Savior rose to life conquering sin, death and the grave

To bring me into a right relationship with himself

So you see, this romance is not just for me alone

Oh, No….

He chose this for us all

Join Me In Prayer Challenge 2016

Pray for the church in America

2.  For the hearts and ears of Americans to be stirred by The LORD to return to HIM as their LORD and Master

3.  For protection and salvation of all the military both home and abroad

4.  For protection and salvation of all elected officials both home and abroad.

5.  For protection and salvation of all those who serve in Law Enforcement in America as well as those around the world.

6.  For the gifts of the Holy Spirit to be given and manifested to all those generations living here in the earth today.

7. For a massive move of repentance both of individuals and nations.

8. Continue to pray for those who are being persecuted for their belief in Jesus Christ.

9. Continue to seek the LORD on behalf of the children who are being neglected,abused both physically and sexually. Ask the LORD to give you the opportunity to minister healing to those children and women as well.

10. Continue to pray for the body of Christ throughout the world.

11. For a mighty outpouring of God’s power in the earth.

12. For Unity among the body of Christ.

Never Alone

Never alone

Never alone

With Jesus by my side

I am never alone

Through the tempest

Through the storm

Jesus, You are here with me

Through it all

Every tear that has rolled down my face

You have wiped away

Every fear that had gripped my heart

You have freed me from

Every night that I would lie awake in terror

From haunting memories

You would hold me as I lay in a puddle of tears

Even though I kicked and screamed

You surrounded me like a swaddled child

For I have never been alone

I have never been alone

For Jesus, My Lord and Savior

Has always, always been there.

A poem for Ms. Jean Banks

I feel cold tears flowing down my face

As I pray for a woman that is dear to me

She helps out at the church food pantry

And She makes the coffee on Sundays

Her service to us all makes me smile

She taught children for many many years

She is part of the Women of Titus Two group

Older women mentoring the youngers

Through fellowship of practical things as well as

A discussion of the Bible

I have the pleasure to call many women my grandmother or mother in the Lord

I pray that this one who is not doing well

Will pull through this ordeal.

She did pull through it and by God’s great mercy

She is still with us to this day!

Spark of Life: Bruce Williams Tribute

A spark of Life

A twinkle of the eye
This life is fleeting
We are to live the best we can
To give Glory to the One and only God who reigns
It is a wonder to not want to be alone
For the Lord is always with us
Whether we acknowledge His presence or not
He sees us for who we truly are
And by His grace He sees us white as snow
Through the crimson blood of His Son
Today, I remember a friend,
Whose passion was Jesus
A worshiper at heart
I can just imagine Him now
With his flags waving high
In front of the Lord most high
The tears wiped away from his eyes
And huge smile upon his face
As He sees the King of Glory seated upon His throne
Finally face to face.

May We Always

In our hearts we praise

With our lips we acknowledge

With our lives we demonstrate

Jesus in us

Jesus the KING of all we see

God made real visible to us

By the man Christ Jesus

Who lived a sinless life

In HIM we have become crucified

As we yield our wants and desires

To that of the King of the universe

In our hearts may we always praise

With our lips we always acknowledge

With our lips may we always demonstrate

Jesus Christ the hope of Glory.