Tattered pages in the Bible

Displaying highlighted, underlined

And notes in the margins

Should be the case in a Christian’s life

The words so ingrained in you

You can quote them in dreams

For a defense against satan’s

Nagging banter and condemnation

For it is the Word of God

That is sharper than any two edged sword

Praise God for He has redeemed His people

From the pit of destruction.

There is a battle being waged in the

Heavens that impacts the world we live in.

Rise up. Rise up.

Liv your life as an example of Christ

In this world

Do not, do not lose hope

For The Lord will give you the words to say.

Blessed be His Name!

Love and Grace

Streams of love and grace

From the Lord’s hands

Are flowing over me

As I marvel at His redeeming power

How He continues to mold and make me

Into a vessel He can use

To give and display His glory

He is the Master Craftsman

Who leaves nothing unfinished

He is always working in my life

Though not everything is pleasant

But everything is redeemable

As His plan unfolds day by day

The morning light

Brings a new day to give You praise

How great is my God

How great is my God

He turns brokenness into beauty

As He pours out His love on Me

On My Knees

On my knees

On my knees

Crying out for You

The One who spoke

All we see into being

Do you hear the cries

Rising up to the throne

Come heal our nation

The land is so torn apart

Will Your people be moved

To repent on behalf of the nation

Will Your people

Unite and stand together

Before the throne

As we place ourselves

In this darkened world

As a beacon of light

Displacing the darkness

By the power of Your

Outstretched arm

Lord Jesus

Reign not only

In the heavens

But also in the hearts

Of all people

Father’s love

The Father’s love

Overwhelms me at times

Sometimes tears of joy

Well up and trickle down my face

When I think of all

The circumstances The Lord

Has brought me through

Praise The Lord

For His grace is enough

To see me through all life’s difficulties

There is always joy

When I ponder the works of GOD

So let His praise well up

within you this day!



Walking down this narrow road

There are so many things

Which try to detour me

From the life on this narrow road

Since I believe the statement

Made by the Apostle Paul

“To live is Christ and to die is gain”

It’s best for me to live the life

Paying close attention to the Lord

His word and direction of my life

Although at times fear does grab

Ahold of me

I’m yet reminded to live

With the notion to live my life

As He would have me to

Whether it is taking on a new job

Or going to a village in a remote part

Where no one has heard of the Lord

It is my job to show the world

Who The Lord is by first living my life

Among others as a reflection of Who

The Lord is in my life

Opening up conversations with people

As the Lord directs me too.

Regardless of what age you are

You are being watched to see

How you handle pressures of life

The good with the bad.

Being able to always to speak

The truth and the hope you

Have inside of you.

Live the life

Following Jesus’s example of humility

Which goes against the world’s standards

For in being obedient to the Lord

You will see others come to know Him.


Hosanna, hosanna

May The Lord save us

May The Lord save our friends

May The Lord save our cities

May The Lord save our nation

As well as all peoples of every nation

Under the heavens

Fill the hearts of your people

The ones called by You

With boldness to speak The truth

To all mankind no matter the culture

May the body of Christ

Truly the light in the darkness

Pointing the world back to You

The Creator of this life

May we bring hope and light

As we proclaim Your glory

Without saying a word

As we just simply live our lives

Speaking to the ones You tell us too!

As Easy as Pie

We would all like to think that trusting both in God and allowing Him to work in our lives should be easy as pie. We should all be able to live in peace with good will for all our fellow men and women on this planet we call home.

However, this is not the reality we live in here on earth.

In reality we live in a sin-filled world. I wonder sometimes if The Lord looks down from Heaven with tears in His eyes as He did in the days of Noah, saying, He is grieved He made us.

In an instant a rainbow appears over a portion of the skies and The Lord is reminded of His covenant He made with Noah. He would never destroy all flesh in this world with a massive flood that covers the entire world again.

It was The Lord’s mercy and love for His creation that stayed His patient hand to keep Noah, his family as well as the animals safe on the Ark.

It was The Lord’s mercy and love for the human race that He humbled Himself taking on the nature of a human being, which is by all respects a servant in The Lord’s eyes.

He came into this world to restore and bring proper balance in relation to the relationship between Himself and mankind.

It was The Lord’s mercy that sent Jesus to die on the cross and that through belief in Him we should dwell with Him for eternity.

Now in today’s world, in which you and I live, where evil is called good and good called evil. We as believers and ambassadors of Jesus Christ live in this to live as He lived. As Christians we are to live a life of humility by esteeming others above ourselves which goes against what this world hold dears.

How are we as the body of Christ doing that I wonder?