My Constant Friend

Jesus, You are my constant friend

You are the One who comforts my soul

In the raging storms of life

You stretch out your arms

In calm voice, I hear You say,

Be still. I’m all you need.

Come and sit down in My lap

Let ME lavish MY love on you this day.

Pour out your sadness and brokenness

I will fill you with My presence

So that your joy will bubble over.

At this, I proclaim Jesus you are my constant friend indeed.

Thank you Lord for all You continue to do in ME!


Heart Condition

There is a sweet aroma

Rising before the throne

As one comes boldly

Before the throne of grace

Here is my heart

Come take the blinders off my soul

As I look into the life giving word

Open up my heart

To receive your grace and mercy

Allowing the Spirit of truth

To reside in Me

Dispelling the darkness

Which Satan longs to keep me spellbound

Disenchanted under his influence or the flesh

In either case, he longs to steal my joy

And my life destroyed


GOD has redeemed me

It’s true I have the choice

To submit or run

All running will accomplish is bondage

Held captive to darkness

In submission comes great freedom

So, Lord here is my heart

Come fill it afresh this day

In Jesus mighty name Amen!

You are LORD

You are my Lord

You are my King

You are my God

You reign over me

You are my Lord

You are my King

You are my God

You reign in me

Come take my heart

Fill me anew with praises unto You

You are my Lord

You are my King

Here I come to dine with Thee

Come take me as I am

A sinner saved out of your love

A sinner saved by grace

For once I was lost to you

Once I was blinded by selfish ambition

A need to perform in order to receive love

But in You alone

I will rejoice 

In you alone

I will cling to

In you alone

I will praise

Falling at your feet

I am filled with great peace

Falling at your feet

I am surrounded in your presence

I feel joy beginning to bubble

As I lay here

Feasting in Your presence

Oh Lord you are my Lord

You are my King

You are my God

Praise you Lord







What does The Lord see in the world today? What does The Lord see in His church today? What does the Lord see in you today as you read the words upon this page? Does your heart echo his love for the world? For your family? For your friends? Your enemies?  Does your heart break for those you have to separate and break off from in your life? It may be for a good reason or it may be genuinely from the Lord to break ties with them so that The Lord can accomplish what He desires in each person. The Lord sees the whole picture and though reconciliation is His desire for all people especially towards himself; He allows a believer to sever ties with them for a while especially when it is in the best interest of that person. It may be for safety or for reasons beyond what you or anyone else can understand. All I know is that when you are going through this process seek The Lord and Godly counsel so you get the best direction for it. Listen. Listen. Listen to The Lord’s voice in regards to this and the timing of reconciliation if it is in His plan for the relationship is to occur. In the meantime saturate yourself in the word, prayer, and fellowship with other believers in Christ! Allowing The Lord to infiltrate your mind and heart to root out any sin or hurt on your part. You are the Only one responsible for your own actions so let the Lord take care of the other person or persons. Leave it to the Lord and see what He will do in your life as a result of it.

Encouragement 3/6/2016

What moves your heart?

What brings joy to the soul?

Is it for God alone?

Does your love and devotion

Belong to God alone?

Or are there obstacles and idols

Standing in the way?

Does the plight of the unborn

Move your heart?

Does the plight of our brothers and sisters in the Lord move your heart?

If these things break your heart

Or you find yourself calloused by them

Then I challenge you:

Make every effort and remembrance

Of these things to bring them

Before The Lord each day

For He hears the prayers of the righteous and answers them out of His Holy Hill!

So, continue to pray

No matter what happens

He is in control!

Praise God!



Run deep

Run wide

Into God’s presence

Drink in and linger

In the embrace of Jesus

He is the founder and Creator of our faith

He is the sustainer of Life

He provides peace in the midst of adversity

He provides strength and guidance

He was before time began

He will complete in you

What He has set to accomplish in you

He provides grace and forgiveness

To all who will receive Him

Praise and glory be unto Jesus

Both now and forever more

Only Jesus

Only Jesus

Can take a sinner’s heart

Make it clean and pure

In His sight

Only Jesus

Can take a sinner

Make him righteous and whole

Only Jesus

Can make the blind see

Can make the deaf hear

Can make the lame walk

Don’t you think Jesus loves you

Yes Jesus loves you personally

So, He stands and offers

New life to all that would call Him Lord

Come into His presence

With a new mind set

You are righteous

You are holy

Since you possess the Lord Jesus

In your soul

It is Jesus that others will see

As you are willing to be His hands and feet.

Rejoice for great is the Lord

For He opens the narrow gate

Wide open for all those who call upon

His name, from every ethnic group

On the face of the Earth will call Jesus Lord