Living God

We praise the Living God

Whose Name is Jesus

We praise the Living God

Whose Name is Jesus

Do you hear us (hear us)

As we call out to YOU this day

Do you hear us (hear us)

As we fall on our faces this day

May Your love and renown be our desire

May Your love and renown be displayed within our hearts

Oh, peoples of the earth praise HIM

Praise HIM, the Living God

Whose Name is Jesus

Whose Name is Jesus

Light of the Dawn

How great is the Lord

How great is the Lord

Early in the light of dawn

Your love rises within my heart

Holiness of His presence

Surrounds those who fear Him

Do not hide His light from the world

You saints of the Most High God

But let His light be made evident to all

Let the dark find no place in you

For you are a child of the Most High God

Showered In Love

Praises rise before the Throne of Heaven

Gratefulness rises up upon our lips

For we have been showered in His love

How great and marvelous is He

Jesus the lamb upon the throne

He showered with His love

As He was nailed upon the cross

And pierced in His side

How could we ever forget

He paid the price for our every sin

Both now and evermore He sees us

Pure and white as snow

Through the cleansing blood of Jesus

May we never forget what true freedom costs

May we consider His sacrificial love for us each day


We are unshaken

In Jesus Christ

We are unshaken

In Jesus Christ

For we have the mind of Christ

We are possessors of HIS mighty and powerful Spirit

Do we choose to remain unshaken

By relying on Christ’s power alone

Do we choose to grieve when He grieves

As He sees the utter sinfulness of His creation

Taking place in the earth today

Do we choose to live our lives to glorify HIM

Or do we satisfy ourselves

Do we choose to love and have compassion

On those who do not look, think or talk we do

Do we choose to demonstrate the Love of Christ

To those who are different from us

Do we choose do this

Jesus did so should we

Mercy and Grace

May your mercy and grace

Forever be displayed in us

May we never forget the debt Jesus paid

May we never forget that it was your love

Oh, Lord, that snatched us out of the fire

And into your eternal life

Life not of this world do we desire

It is a life free from sin, death and corruption

We desire and it is only found in one place

In Jesus Christ alone do we praise

Are our lives a true reflection of His grace and mercy

What do others see when they look at us today

Do they see Jesus in us

“As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”

May all of us do the same

As we let HIS mercy and grace be displayed in our lives.

My thoughts for July 11, 2015

There is no friendship in the earth that is quite like knowing the God who created you. No mere mortal can replace the quotient of love that a human heart needs. One could search through all man’s greatest accomplishments but are still left empty in their soul. Who but God can create a perfect society where there is no evil. All the good things that happen in this earth happen because God’s love is being demonstrated through imperfect people. I say imperfect because we are all sinful, each and every one of us. God is the friend of sinners, who sent his Son Jesus, to be crucified by a human court, though he himself was sinless. He carried the sin of the entire human race past, present and future all at once. Can you imagine what a heavy, heavy burden it was to carry the weight of all that sin on himself. Think of the heaviest weight you can hold and magnify it billions and billions of times. Think about the separation from God his father that he experienced. How hard is it for you to be separated from your loved ones and yet He did because He loved us. Jesus laid down his life for us and yet we think that we have become better than everyone else. No we are not better. We must remember that God did this for everyone and no sin is greater than another. We were all born in sin and let us remember that Jesus died for the whole world and not just some of us.