Praise and Prayer

Let there be praise.

Let the people of God rejoice, for God is Here.

God’s presence is in the earth today.

Let the people of Jesus the Messiah who is Christ our KING, Rejoice.

For the LORD hears and answers the prayers of HIS people.

Sing and make known the wonders of the Lord that are in your midst.

Be still before the LORD and listen to what HE says to you the people of the LORD.

His glory and renown will be known and every idol will be cast down.

“Peace be still, The LORD says to HIS people. Why all this hysteria over a storm when the people are in rebellion… spending and hording up more than they will need.. When I am the one who provides for them. I, Jesus, am the LORD and I will provide for and sustain you through the storm. While hurricanes etc are powerful works of My hand, I urge you all to stop and reflect on WHO I AM. I am greater than the strongest hurricane and the strongest tornado you have ever seen in your lifetime. I hear the ones that have petitioned Me have mercy with the storm Florence and I am turning it but it will have its full affect for I desire to bring this rebellious people to their knees in repentance and return to Following ME as the LORD alone. I will have my way in this people and in the earth today. For I have spoken.”


To the Beloved of the LORD

The Lord has shown me: There are those who are continually petitioning HIM on their knees. They feel they are not being heard by THE LORD and are doubting that they are even part of MY body because they do not receive the answers to their petitions.

The Lord says the following,


” I hear you.

You have fought the good fight on your knees..

For that I am well pleased..

You sought all the riches of the world’s wisdom and yet you have come to know that I am all you truly need.

Look around you and see the victory over the enemy.

You have fought well for you fought the good fight on your knees.

Know for certain that I have already declared victory over the enemy, by the shedding of My blood on the cross, through which you may partake until the day that I return to you, My beloved.

I call you My beloved, My children, MY BRIDE.

For you are MINE, I shed My blood and My body was broken for you.

Don’t let the pressures of this world weigh you down. Know for certain that You are My light in this dark world and you all are bearing much fruit.

I will continue to blow My spirit upon you and the light that I have given you will continue to be a beacon and a lighthouse directing others to ME and the Hope of glory.

Be encouraged this day for You are Mine.

Says, the LORD.”


Psalm 108:13  ESV ” With God we shall do valiantly; it is He who will tread down our foes.”

James 4:7 ESV  ” Submit therefore to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you.”

Psalm 46:10 ESV ” Be still and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.

Revelation 14:11 ESV ” For it is written, As I live says the Lord, every knee shall bow to me and every tongue shall confess God.”

In the midst of this chaotic world we live in, I feel the Lord’s presence and have seen HIM move mightily on my behalf in my life and those around me. I still moved to tears when HE reminds me of all the stuff that He has brought me through.

These are the moments that I would like to call; GOD MOMENTS! The moments where you know that it was nothing and no one else that could have brought you through the “needle in the haystack” places in life, BUT GOD can.

If you are in one of those places right now, read and write down the verses above . Place them somewhere you will see them and be able to recite them readily in your mind and through your lips.

I am often attacked by the devil when I am asleep through dreams and quite often I will wake from them and began praying either in the spirit, quote scripture, or even sing at times. I remember, times where I was so bound up with fear, worry, anger, bitterness that I could not even utter a word. I could not even sing worship songs and then one day the chains came off by simply saying JESUS.

If the only thing that comes out your mouth or even your thoughts. IT’S okay. HE HEARS AND HE ANSWERS YOU WITH JUST THE MENTION OF His name. Just by saying JESUS, the demons will shutter and they will flee.

I have been in situations as a cashier, where I have had people in my line grumpy or in the middle of dealing with their own life, on the phone etc. I felt the enemy’s darts coming through the people I encounter everywhere. ALL I say in my head, JESUS, help me and no sooner I think those words the person’s whole demeanor changes sometimes drastically where they completely stop talking for the rest of the transaction.

All I have to save to say is JESUS and the enemy will back off. Just remember who YOU are in JESUS and who the real enemy is when dealing with people. For the real enemy the devil will do everything he can to distract, steal, and destroy who you are.


Prayer 8/18/2018

Dear Father,

Open up! Open up the heavens!

Send forth your spirit, like a tidal wave.

Let it have an everlasting ripple effect through out my church..

Through out my city… through out my nation… and through out the world.

Open up the heavens, Lord and send us more of presence.

Have your way in all the churches that are here in America as well as those throughout the world.

Open up! Open up our eyes so that we may see that you have a grand army down on their knees and are petitioning you for true repentance and revival in this land and in this world.

You are the risen King and as your daughters and sons gather together where ever they are right now may you stir in the hearts of all a renewed sense of hope and peace especially for those going through difficult times. May you renew those that are faint of heart and rekindle the fire of your spirit in those that have their flames growing dim. May we be encouraged to focus on Who You are as we come together and lift up our voices and our petitions before your throne of grace with joy. Let us drop our heavy burdens down at YOUR feet and lay down our rights, our wants, and our desires before your throne as a sacrifice of praise unto you our LORD and KING.

You are all together pure,

You are all together righteous,

You are all together holy,

You are all together just,

The ever-present refuge.

The knight in shining armor who goes before us, behind us and surrounds us as with a shield ; deflecting the fiery darts of the enemy and casting every hindrance aside as we come before you now.

You  are Lord of Heaven and Earth.

Your Name is higher than any name on earth.

And with your NAME JESUS, we proclaim victory for YOU have already won the battle for us in this life when you shed your blood on the cross and when you rose to life: You conquered death and the grave. So, now we proclaim by the Word of our testimony of who YOU are and What YOU have done in our lives that You are God and there is no other name by which we can be saved other the Name of Jesus.

It is at the very mention of the name of Jesus that the demons flee.

So, rise up now and praise the LIVING KING!

Break Forth

Break forth into song!

Break forth into a victory dance!

All you, His saints, Lift up your voice in a battle cry!

For in Jesus name you have the victory!

Sing and shout for you have overcome by the blood of the lamb!

Let us not forget His faithfulness of to all the saints throughout history.

Let’s declare and make known all the great things HE has done in our lives.

He is the Creator..

He is the Sustain-er of this life and the life to come…

He is the Master of all…

So, let us make HIS presence known by inviting Him in our daily lives.

Rejoice, with the one who rejoices.

Weep, with those who weep.

Let us lift His banner HIGH and love one another as Jesus has loved us.

In all things proclaim His goodness and though it may be hard to see His goodness in the hard times, focus on HIM and He will see you through the storm of life you are encountering even now.

Rejoice! For you have already won the victory in Jesus!

Listen. Listen. Listen.

He is calling out to you to come and sit at HIS feet.

Like the alabaster jar that was poured out upon HIM,

Pour out your heart to HIM and let HIS presence and HIS life enter into space today.

Hearts full of Hope

Let your hearts be full of hope.

May you ever shout for joy,

For the Lord our champion is here.

He is in the midst of the earth.

He hears us when we call.

He sees us when we are weary and down-trodden.

He sees the evil in this world and it grieves His heart.

Yet He hears His beloved Son, petitioning Him on our behalf.

He hears us as we cry, Come quickly Lord Jesus, come quickly.

Indeed Jesus is the Champion and the light of the world.

Let HIS light infiltrate this world through us His body.

As we endeavor to be HIS hands and feet in this world,

Let us rejoice in Jesus our champion we praise both now and forever.

Do I run?

Coming into HIS presence,

Do I run into His healing river?

Do I stand or do I fall at the power of HIS might?

There is only one response He desires,

Only one will set me free.

There is fear and pain of memories

Within my soul.

I know that I must run into HIS healing river;

Falling into the power of HIS might

For it is there that FREEDOM resides.

Yes, freedom resides in HIS nail scarred hands

His resurrecting power dwells as a healing river

Swelling over the breakers; running down through tiny cracks

Filling all the crevasses with the presence of the Holy Spirit.