Isaiah, 30

Read Isaiah 30 ESV and write a brief overview of the chapter below:


What kind of plan does the people of Israel want to carry and is it God’s plan for them?

What kind of alliances do the people of Israel make and is it of God?

How often are we as believers in the Lord carry out plans and make alliances for which we did not seek the Lord about? What about you personally?

Write out Proverbs 16:3,9 ESV along with Psalm 33:11 ESV.

What do the passages that you just wrote out have in common and how do they relate to Isaiah 30:1 ESV?

Does the Lord bless our plans when we do not consult HIM and why or why not?

What does the Lord say will happen to the place in which they find shelter and protection?

Read Isaiah 30:8-17 and write out how the Lord describes His people.

How often do we as the people of the Lord want to only hear the things, prophecies, and messages that support only our agenda, our views of what is right in our own eyes; instead listening to The Lord’s chastisement and heeding the Lord’s instruction and correction? What about you personally?

Read Isaiah 30:18-33 ESV

What does the Lord say He will do in this passage and what emotions do you feel when you hear this passage being read?

Does the Lord’s longing to be gracious to His people comfort in your own walk with the Lord?

Sing(lyrics written by me)

Sing in the midst of the storm. Sing as life is spinning out of control. There is one who knows what you are going through. He sees you trying so hard to hold it all together and He knows your name.

Sing in the midst of storm. Sing as life is spinning out of control. Sing a song of desperation.

There is a God who knows what you are going through. There is a God who sees you right where you are and He knows your name. His name is Jesus! Yes, His name is Jesus!

Call upon Jesus. Call upon Jesus. Call upon Jesus right now. For He knows what you are going through. He sees you trying so hard to hold it all together. So, sing to Jesus! Sing to Jesus!

Isaiah, 29

Read Isaiah 29:1-10 ESV and describe the emotions being described through this passage.

What does the name Ariel mean and why is it being used here?

What is happening to Jerusalem in this passage?

When has the Lord of Hosts visited you personally and how do you know?

How has the Lord unveiled Himself to you and how has the Lord caused the world to be blinded to the truth like in the days of Pharaoh in Egypt when the Lord hardened Pharaoh’s heart?

Read Isaiah 29:11-21 ESV

Have you ever experienced a time in your life when you drew near to God with your words but your heart was far from HIM; If so, when and how did God draw your heart back to Him?

List the things that the Lord will do when He appears to them according to Isaiah 29:17-24.

How does Jesus fulfill this portion of Isaiah 29:17-24 in the New Testament and give examples and references.

Fill in the blank for Isaiah 29:24 ESV

“……And those who go ___________ in spirit will come to understanding and those who ____________ will accept instruction”

Does Isaiah 29:24 give you any peace and hope those who have wandered away from their faith in Christ?

Isaiah, 28:14-29

Read Isaiah 28:14-15 ESV and summarize in your own words.

What kind of covenant did the leaders of Jerusalem make and with whom?

In what did the leaders of Jerusalem make their shelter and refuge in?

In what beliefs do you personally take refuge in that are not in line with the Bible. Take time right now to seek the Lord , listening and recording what HE tells you these beliefs are. Then ask HIM what the truth about these beliefs are and then repent.

Read Isaiah 28:16-22 and write out the bullet points of this passage.

Fill in the blank for Isaiah 28:16 ESV

therefore thus says the Lord God, Behold I am the _____ who laid as a foundation in ________ a stone, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone, of a sure foundation. ‘Whoever believes will not be in haste.’

In what other passages of scriptures do we find the word, “cornerstone” and note the context in which you find it along with the scripture reference.

Read Isaiah 28:17-22 ESV

What characteristics of the Lord can be found in this passage as well as the entire chapter and list them below?

Why is the Lord’s work called alien in Isaiah 28:21 and what other words are used to describe the Lord’s work and note any other scripture references?

What does Isaiah her the Lord say about the decree of destruction against the whole land and what was his audience response to it if any?

What is the connection made here about plowing and threshing with that of God’s instruction? Where else in scripture do we see this connection mentioned and list the references.

Isaiah, 28:1-13

Read Isaiah in both ESV and the AMPC comparing the two and list what stood out at you about this passage:

Fill in the blank for Isaiah 28:5-6 ESV

In that day the LORD of Hosts will be a ______ of glory and a diadem of beauty, to the remnant of his people, and a spirit of ___________to him who sits in judgement, and _________ to those who turn back the battle at the gate.

How does Jesus fulfill this passage above and list scripture references to back up your reasoning?

Read Isaiah 28:7-13 in the AMPC and write in bullet points the description given to priests and prophets and how did they react to Isaiah’s message?

How do you as a believer in the Lord feel about the Bible. (Meaning is it just a bunch of repetitions of the same rules to be make you never measure up or do you feel that the Lord makes the Bible come alive to you in the repetitions?)

Close this portion of today’s study with prayer asking the LORD to make the Bible and all it contains alive to you and especially in areas that you don’t understand.

Isaiah, 27

Read Isaiah 27 in the ESV and then summarize in about 3 – 4 sentences here below.


What does the passage say about Leviathan and compare it with Psalm 74:12-4 ; Psalm 104:26 and Revelation 12:7-9?

How is Leviathan a figurative and literal representation of evil?

Read Isaiah 27 in the Amplified Classic Edition

Isaiah 27:2-4 Fill in the blank using the AMPC

In that day [ it will be said of the redeemed nation of Israel ], A vineyard __________ and lovely; sing a responsive song to it and about it. I, the Lord, am its ____________; I water it every moment; lest any harm it, I guard and keep it night and day. _______ is not in Me. Would that the briers and the thorns [ the wicked and the internal foe ] were lined up against Me in battle! I would stride in against them; I would burn them up together.

Pay close attention to Isaiah 27:5 AMPC and write it out below


How do you take hold of the Lord’s strength and make complete surrender to His protection in order to make peace with the Lord.

How does John 15 relate to Isaiah 27:2-5 and jot down the similarities and differences?

Note the how these following passages relate to Isaiah 27:6 , Hosea 14:1-6 and Romans 11:12 ; are there any similarities / differences between the three passages?

How has or will the LORD remove the guilt of Jacob?

What were the idols and alter in the nation of Israel that were detestable to the LORD at this time and how were they destroyed?

Read Isaiah 27:10-13 and note how Zechariah 14:16; Matthew 24:31 and Revelation 11:13 relate to this passage in Isaiah.

Isaiah, 26

Read Isaiah 26 ESV and list the verses that touch your heart as you read them aloud.

How has the Lord set up brought strength and stability to the body of Christ during this COVID19 Pandemic?

How has the LORD humbled His people and you personally?

Summarize Isaiah 26:7-9 ESV below:


In what ways has the LORD leveled the path that you walk with Him in this life?

How have you taken this time in being at home in isolation and/ or with family to earnestly seek the LORD?

What about this passage in Isaiah has pulled at your heart in some way today write a prayer here below and reflect on how He has spoken to you through it.