My Help

You are my help

You are my deliverer

From out of the deepest creaves of my soul

I cry out to You

Do you see the tears in my heart

Do you know the anguish of my soul

There is a longing that runs so deep within me

Yet I know that You oh Lord know all this

Still I know that You are a loving God

Who has a plan and a purpose

For my future in mind

Praise and glory to the Lord

Who has purchased my life

Upon Calvary’s hill

So, I continue to praise Him

In the midst of it all.


Pour Out

Glorious Lord in heaven above

Hear the cries of the beloved

Cause your spirit to draw near to us

As we draw near to You, this day

Open up the ancient flood gates

Send Your Spirit in mighty way upon us

Fill the streets with praise to the Lord

Let prisons be empty as there won’t

Be a need for them

For The Lord has redeemed them

The Lord has set them free

They in turn proclaim liberty

To those who still walk around in the darkness.

Bless His holy name!

He knows Me

Gracious God

Sovereign Lord

How precious are the thoughts of the King

The one who sits upon the throne

Calls me His child,His beloved one

As the tears well up within my soul

At the thought,” I am His child “,

He knows me! He knows me! He knows me!

My King the Lord of the Universe

Who bled upon Calvary

Knows me by name!

How marvelous is that?

Now I no longer hear my name

But I also hear how thrilled He is when I call Him Papa

You see,

He took me in when I was so scarred by years of abuse

How could I call Him God much less Papa

So at the age of nine

I called upon Him to save me

Then at the age of eleven He came to me in a vision

With His arms open wide

I knew somehow I would be alright.

To this day I won’t forget that He loves me and He knows me by Name!


Encouraging Prayer

I hear a song within my soul

As I worship before His throne

Be still. Be still. Be still.

My soul and listen to the Lord

He has a plan and purpose

In all that we go through in life

Be patient. Be persistent in prayer.

Never for one moment think

God does not hear and does not answer

For the Lord Almighty God does indeed hear and knows what we go through

He does answer our prayers and will answer in His timing not ours.

Be patient. Be persistent. Be on the offense and vigilant in prayer for God will hear and answer you.

For now and always be strong and courageous for the Lord our God is with us and has won the victory for us.

The Face Of Tragedy

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The face of tragedy comes in many forms and varying degrees from person to person. I have often wondered why bad things happened in the lives of those around me or even myself. In my own circumstances I have asked God, “Why? Why did this happen? Why did that not happen?” Have you ever been there? I am sure that you have. I am sure that many of us from time to time question the things that happen in our lives. One day God answered me. He told me, “It was for His glory and not my own.” Let’s think about this statement for a minute. God created us for His glory. He created us in His image. Since Adam sinned against God our reflection of God became distorted. Our relationship with God became desolation until Christ entered the world. He restored the balance of our relationship with God through…

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Join Me In Prayer Challenge 2016

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Pray for the church in America

2.  For the hearts and ears of Americans to be stirred by The LORD to return to HIM as their LORD and Master

3.  For protection and salvation of all the military both home and abroad

4.  For protection and salvation of all elected officials both home and abroad.

5.  For protection and salvation of all those who serve in Law Enforcement in America as well as those around the world.

6.  For the gifts of the Holy Spirit to be given and manifested to all those generations living here in the earth today.

7. For a massive move of repentance both of individuals and nations.

8. Continue to pray for those who are being persecuted for their belief in Jesus Christ.

9. Continue to seek the LORD on behalf of the children who are being neglected,abused both physically and sexually. Ask the LORD…

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