Lord Arise

Let the Lord arise

Let the Lord arise

On the winds of the morning

Lift His banner high

Let us love one another

As Christ has loved us

Laying down our rights

For the promise of new life

Rejoice this day

For the LORD has vanquish His enemies

One may look around this world

Wondering why there is evil

Does God not see the plight of the world

I tell you He does see

For He knew all this would come to be

Before He ever created the earth, sky and sea

So, He planned before time began

Jesus, His Son would die upon the cross

Offering mankind forgiveness for their sins

Lift up your eyes to LORD, OH Church, His Bride

No longer tear each other down with filthy and foul words

Even the words you deem wholesome can rip a person apart

But rather encourage one another by loving each other as He has loved us.

Give Thanks

Give thanks in the midst of pain

Give thanks in the midst of sorrow

Give thanks in the midst of great persecution

For the Lord is worthy to be praised

For by giving thanks in the midst of pain, sorrow and persecution

Others will be drawn to the tremendous strength and joy you have

As you go through each one of those things

Rest assured The LORD will get the glory from everything

You experience and do in this life.

It may not be a pleasant stroll

Down the streets of gold in this earth

But know everything you go through

Has its own weight in eternal riches

Which THE FATHER in Heaven has bestowed on us

Both in the present and in the future.

Dwelling In His Presence

The sweetness of HIS presence

There is none like it

In the holiness of HIS presence

Who is able to stand and resist HIM

Is there anything holyer than HIM

HE has made us holders of HIS holiness

For HE, dwells in HIS temple

We the body of Christ, the church,

Both corporately and individually

We are HIS temple

Everywhere we go

HE is with us for HE dwells in us

Oh, Lord I ask, that YOUR Holiness in us

Will be evident to all

And will draw people unto salvation.

Take me

Take me into the deep waters

Take me into the uttermost parts

Of Your vast presence which transcends all things

Greater than climbing the highest mountain

Greater than swimming around the world

Greater than diving in the deepest ocean

Greater than the first shuttle launch

Greater than the first man and woman on the moon

Greater than any earthly government, people, or nation

Great is JESUS the Sovereign LORD

Who has dominion over every living thing

In the heavens and the earth

Praise HIS holy NAME