Sovereign Lord

Sovereign Lord,

Who holds the world,

In HIS hands.

Who holds me,

In the palm of Your hand.

Stir within my heart.

The gifts you have given me.

May they inspire and change,

The lives of many.

As each day passes by,

And each new day breaks,

I cannot get enough of Your presence.

I cannot get enough of it.

Because You have placed the desire,

To draw ever closer to you each day.

Though at times my hunger and thirst,

Seems unquenchable.

I know that You always meet me.

Even while I do the mundane things.

The things that are necessary to do,

In order to keep my home.

I find that You speak to my heart,

To pray for others as I do those things.

I know as I draw closer to You each day,

That You are preparing me for the things;

You have for me in the present as well as the future.

I know that Your love for me will never ever run dry,

And that YOUR presence satisfies the deep longings in my soul.

Oh, Lord I ask that you touch all those that read and hear this post;

In some way that You will awaken and stir in their hearts also.

In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen!

Psalm 118:5-7 and Prayer

Psalm 118:5-7 ESV

Out of my distress I called on the LORD;

The LORD answered me and set me free.

The LORD is on my side, I will not fear.

What can man do to me?

The Lord is on my side as my helper;

I shall look in triumph on those who hate me.

Dear LORD,

As your Ambassadors here on earth may we reflect and live out our lives in response to YOUR Guidance. May we allow ourselves to be used by You and be filled by Your Holy Spirit as we continue to walk the path you have laid out for us. Send a wave of godly sorrow upon the church here in America as well as throughout the world. As we know, this life is fleeting but everything we do, say and think in this life has everlasting repercussions to the generations that follow and also for eternity. So, may we begin to hold YOUR WORD(THE BIBLE) in high regard as it is not only YOUR WORD but it is the moral compass and the truth that we should live and apply to our lives. It is the TRUTH that this world so desperately needs and YOUR Salvation that is JESUS CHRIST, who sits at the right hand of the Father praying for us. In John 17 He prayed for all HIS disciples both the ones that walked on the earth with HIM and those that would believe their message even those who are far off. Guess what? This passage refers to all those who walk on the earth now and in the future generations as well. I say to all my brothers and sisters in THE LORD REJOICE! REJOICE FOR YOU WILL LOOK IN TRIUMPH ON ALL THE ENEMIES THAT DESPISE YOU BECAUSE OF YOUR FAITH. For our enemy is not made of flesh and blood but rather it is a spiritual enemy and thus it is best fought in prayer. May God grant you all wisdom and be encouraged today!

In Jesus name,


Holiness Displayed

Holiness forever displayed

In the power of the cross

The cross in itself has no power

The One who died upon it does

Consider Jesus, for a moment

The Author and Perfecter of our faith

He chose to be born as a human being, a servant,

He chose to obey God the Father

He chose to live a sinless life

He chose to die upon the cross

He chose This!

He also chose you before the foundation of the world

He Chose you to be HIS child

And You are HIS child through your belief in HIM

Even Your faith in HIM was given to you

So, Believe all that He has told you this day

And Rejoice that YOU are HIS!

Jesus You Are Here

Jesus You are here

In my heart and in my home

May your glory be known

Through out the earth

Jesus You are here


May we embrace

All that He has given us

All that He has given us now

May we embrace our eternal destiny

Let HIS glory be revealed in us

As we draw near to Your throne of mercy

Jesus You are here

May HIS name be glorified in all the earth

Holy, Holy, Holy

Are You above the heavens

I lift You My precious KING

May Your grace continually

Be displayed in my life!


Opening Up

Open Up!

Open Up!

The fountains of forgiveness,

Upon the Church here in America.

Open up!

Open up!

The hearts of your children,

Here in America.

Although ours sins are as red as scarlet,

They shall be made white as snow;

Through the cleansing blood of Jesus.

Open up!

Open up!

Our hearts to draw near to You this day!

May our lives and our land be transformed

By the power of Name.

At the Name of Jesus,

Every knee under heaven and on earth

Will bow before Your glorious throne!

Praise His holy Name!

Here I Am

Here I am

In the presence of the Holy One

Here I am

Asking an audience with My King

The Lord of Heaven and Earth

Jesus is HIS name

Healing and forgiveness

Are yours for the taking

He is knocking on the door of your heart

Will you invite HIM inside

Or will you ignore HIS beaconing call

The choice is yours

But be assured of this:

Jesus loves you with an everlasting love

And longs for you to come to HIM

So He can set you free from the life of sin

And give you eternal life

Consider your choices if you wish

But my prayer for the ones this poem is for:

Is that You find His love and forgiveness this day

And may you be restored to the fullest of heart and soul

In Christ’s mighty name, Amen!

Holding On

Holding on to love and grace

My Jesus has shown me

The promised future unfolding

All the things that He has called me to

To reach out to the abused women and children

Showing them the Love of Jesus

And the path of freedom I have found

One day at time

I will take HIS hand

As leads me down this road

He has called me too

For now, I am holding onto His love and grace

As each day my love for my Savior grows

So does my heart to see others set free

Oh, Lord I pray

As I hold onto YOU continue the redeeming work

As only You can do

For now, I take it a step at a time

As I rely on You to see me through the end

Of this life’s race

I look forward with great expectation of what You will do

But also treasuring in my heart all that You have told me

Until the time comes for this

I will rest in Your promises!

Praise His holy name!!