September 17, 2014 Praise


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Here I come

Into His presence

Longing to see HIM face-to-face

Here I come

To drink in the stillness of His love and grace

You are high and lifted up

Your faithfulness and justice

No one on earth can compare to You

So here I come

Into His presence this morning

With a heart of praise and thankfulness

The Lord has made this day

He has graciously allowed me to take joy in it

For He has created this day

To showcase His glory in my life

So, wake up my soul and sing

Praise and glory


September 16, 2014 Praise/Prayer


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All encompassing Lord

You are the One I adore

My heart and flesh cries out

Praise after praise

After all is said and done

You are the ONE who sits on the Throne

You are the ONE who knows my heart

Nothing is hidden from You

Hear me, Lord as I cry out once more

Fill my heart and mind with what is on yours

Fill my heart with thankfulness and joy this day

Strengthen my heart

Increase in me the desire for Your presence

Increase in me the desire to see your Will

Accomplished in my life and on the earth

Open my heart this day to receive

All that You have for me this day, AMEN!

Everyday Miracles



There are miracles

That happen everyday

Do we recognize them

Or just walk on by

Sometimes we need to expect

The unexpected to happen every day

For The Lord is always moving in our lives

Sometimes doors close on opportunities we deem good

And yet not consider that The Lord did not want it to be

Sometimes the doors are wide open

Do we go through or are we waiting

On some miraculous demonstration for us to walk through

Whatever the door is know that the Lord is in control

And all things happen in HIS timing and not ours

The miracle of waking up each morning with air to breathe

The miracle of overcoming sickness

The miracle of the birth of a baby

All these are miracles that we recognize

But there are also miracles we do not see or comprehend with mind

The miracle of the man born blind who now can see

Without the aid of modern medicine

But rather God opens the eyes of the man born blind

It is the same when we become born again

God opens our spiritual eyes to see the state of sin we are in

And offers the way of salvation through Jesus Christ

Miracles happen everyday but when they happen

Do we give God the glory

Sing A Song


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Sing a song

Sing it out loud

Giving God praise to His Name

Sweetly broken

Sweetly surrendered

Giving all to Jesus

Giving all to Jesus

Sing a song

Sing it out now

For Him to hear

The thankfulness of your heart

For all the things He has done

For all the things He has done

Sweetly broken

Sweetly forgiven

Giving all to Jesus

Giving all to Jesus

His eyes are always watching you

He watches over your life

Every path you take

He is there guiding you all the way

Don’t be afraid neither be dismayed

For Jesus is watching over you

So, sing a song

To HIM who sits on the throne

For He has done great things

From creation of the universe

To the creation of you

He has a plan in store for you

Though you are unsure of where you are

And where you are going

Rest assured Jesus loves you

For the Bible told me so

So, sing Him a song of praise

Chosen Surrender


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I surrender

I will let You lead

Though the road maybe full of trouble

You will bring about good at the end of every turn

For as Romans chapter eight verse twenty-eight says

“All things work together for good, to those who love Him

And are called according to HIS purpose.”

We will learn as we travel down this road of life

That as we depend on HIM for everything

And take notice of all the blessings 

Both big and small, our faith in HIM will continue to grow

As each day we come face-to-face with choices

To Believe in HIS WORD and do what He says

Or to disregard HIM and His word

The first will have a great reward awaiting us in Heaven

While the latter leads to destruction.

So, choose today whom you follow and obey

Before You stand before the Judgment Seat of THE LORD ALMIGHTY GOD

Consider the path your feet will walk on.

As for me, I have chosen to Serve THE LORD ALMIGHTY GOD

The Love of Christ


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Covered and embraced 

By the love of Christ

His love poured out 

As an atoning sacrifice

His body was beaten and pierced 

For our transgressions

His blood flowed down the tree

To blot out our sins

Three days later

He arose victorious over sin and eternal death

Through belief in HIM

We are forgiven and have gained access

To God The Father

And through the Holy Spirit

We can live our lives as overcomers In Christ

By rejecting everything that the world holds dear

We lay hold of the Promise of Eternal Life

In Heaven with God for all eternity

Praise HIM 





God, You Are…


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Majestic and awe-inspiring

Holy and righteous

Just in all Your ways

Who can comprehend Your ways

One could spend a lifetime

Seeking Your wisdom

And yet not understand 

The depth and magnitude 

Of Your love and grace

For it is beyond us

But yet my heart desires more

More of Your presence

More of Your wisdom

More of Your heart revealed

Open my heart and mind

To receive all that You have for me

Open my ears to hear

The Holy Spirit speak to me

In Jesus Name, I pray, Amen!

Once Upon A Memory


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Once upon a memory

I hear HIM calling to me

Saying, Come to ME

Come and follow ME.

Once upon a memory

I accepted HIS invitation

To come and follow

I did not know where the road

Would take me

All I knew at the age of nine

That HE would be my guiding light

All the Days of my life

Though the road thus far

Has brought much healing and peace

It has also brought much difficulty in my life

Which has and will continue to produce good character and fruit

Once upon a memory

I see the redemption and victory

That Jesus has accomplished in my life

What about you?

A Willing Broken Vessel


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Unspeakable Praise,

The Heart of a broken vessel

Willing to be used by her Elohim.

How unique is her presence in the world,

That her Elohim chose to use her,

To spread His good news and grace.

In a dying world and yet she has gone off on wild tangents of Doctrine

Does she still fear her El Shaddai, I wonder?

But yet there is Hope for El Shaddai will bring a sense Integrity and hunger for His WORD

To all those who believe In His Name Jesus!

Diligently seek HIM and Read HIS WORD

Proclaim to all you meet that Jesus Is LORD 

And His good news and grace are free to each one.


Precious Gem

In the stillness 

In the darkness of the night

I hear a whisper in my ear

Saying, “I love you, My daughter! 

Have no fear of the night for I’m guarding you

with all my might! No one and I mean no one 

will harm you for you are MINE and I say No

One is to harm you for you are precious to Me”

Thank you Jesus! Thank you!




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