Unfailing Love


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Christ’s unfailing love

He shed for me

On the cross of calvary

How could I ever think that He did not love me

And yet there were many times in my life

Where this was the case

However now I stand in His presence

In complete awe and wonder

Of Christ’s love for me

Praise HIM who was crucified

So that I would life in HIM

Praise HIM for HE is alive

And now I can live

In His presence His love flows free

So come drink of His love that sets the captives free.

Oppression FROM The enemy of our Souls


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For we are not fighting against flesh and blood enemies but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world and against evil spirits in heavenly places. Ephesians 6:12 New Living Translation

During this week I have struggled to find and receive physical rest at night. Sunday October 12 was the first night where I could not find rest. I would get taunting images of my past to try to make me be afraid. I prayed and read the WORD that night. The next morning I felt drained but did sleep a short time that day. I felt and still feel a huge heaviness in my spirit to the point that I can physically feel but God is faithful and I did not feel any fear what-so-ever but I continued to pray. The same thing happened to me on Tuesday night where I did not sleep and images continued to bombard my mind. I continued to pray. Wednesday morning I wake up at 6:00 am and I barely had a voice and my throat felt sore. I continued to feel a weight on me and around me. I found out later that day that my parents had been not sleeping as well and they also experienced the same thing I did as far as feeling a heavy weight. My grandmother experienced this last week and now we all were. I have continued to pray and give God the glory not only for myself but also for them. The last time I went through this was when a former Sunday School student died after playing the choking game and lost his life. His death struck me hard but I had images bombard me then and felt the same heaviness as I do now.

I am reminded of God showing the army of Angels to Elisha when he was going to battle. It is a battle we fight in prayer but the actual fight is God’s and we petition Him to move on our behalf and on the behalf of every living person here on earth.

The definition of OPPRESSION is as follows: noun

1. Prolonged cruel or unjust treatment

Synonyms include:

Persecution, subjection, maltreatment, abuse, tyranny and suppression.

While nothing was physically harming me, I felt it in my spirit. If this has been the case for you as well I STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT YOU DON’T SUCCUMB TO IT. Persevere, stand strong, and PRAY. PRAY for not only for your pastor, elders and deacons but pray for their whole household. They need and covet your prayers as much as they pray and minister to you.

Remember that God did not send Jesus to make us safe but to make us brave. It is through relying on the HOLY Spirit that one can be brave and live this life. Take courage for JESUS has overcome the world. HE IS IN CONTROL!! HALLELUJAH!!!

October 11, 2014 Prayer/Praise


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AS the chaos surrounds me

So does the unfailing love of My God

There is an emptiness

In my heart this day

I feel sadness pouring out me

Like a pitcher of water

Lord, replace the sadness with Your strength

Although I know strength is given through adversity

It is the only thing that sometimes gets me through a day

As I look back at what You have done in my life

I know that You won’t leave me in the condition that I am in

Help me, to see what You see

Help me, to change what You desire for me to change

I know that all things are possible with YOU

For You are the one who lights my way

Help me to sit still and hear Your voice today!


In The Midst


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In the midst of the raging seas

You are the anchor that holds me secure

You are the God who gives life

You are the God of miracles

You are the God I love

In every sickness and disease

You are the God who heals and restores

Your Words are life to my soul

I praise You for I am fearfully and intricately

Made into Your image as I continue to pursue YOU

With all my heart, with all my mind and with all my strength

I want to be wholly devoted to you

So, take this heart of mine

And continue to mold me as You see fit.

Encouraging Declaration and Praise 10/3/2014


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In the light of The Lord

I will abide

In the light of The Lord

I will rejoice

For He is The Ancient of Days

He is The Alpha and Omega

He is The ONLY wise GOD

Who inhabits the praises of His people

Bless The Lord

Bless The Lord, Oh My soul

For in HIM I live

For in HIM I move

For in HIM I have my being

Yes, bless The Lord

For He is good and HIS faithfulness endures always

A thousand fiery darting arrows

May be aimed and fired at you

But THE LORD is the impenetrable fortress around you

And you will not fear them

For The LORD will fight for you

So, Rejoice all you people

All who are called by THE LORD JESUS CHRIST


Keep Me Broken

This morning as the sun rays

Breaks apart the clouds

The Heavens open and bring forth its light

I ask dear Father in Heaven

That you keep my heart broken

Keep me always in need of Your grace

Your mercy, compassion and love

Never fails to bring me through each day

Strengthen and encourage me as I go through

Bring constant reminders of love and redemption in my life

May I never be too far from Your throne

For I know that You hear me

So, keep me broken in humble surrender to Your Will

I also ask this for all those that read this as well

Bring wholeness and healing

Where there is suffering and shame

Bring brokenness where there is pride

Bring joy where there is sadness

Bring hope where there is disappointment

Above all else bring life to all those that are in death

May this prayer be a reflection of a humble and broken heart

Who relies on You for all her sustenance today

In Jesus Mighty Name I pray, AMEN!

October 1, 2014 Praise/Prayer/Encouragement


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With a grateful heart

I come, I come

Before the feet of my King

Casting down all fears

That are running in my head

One by one they fall to His feet

Rejection and harm

They have no place here

For Jesus has called me, His child

In His presence I will only be a spectator

Of the evil around me for

For those that Fear The Lord

will not be visited by harm

And if harm does happen to me

Then The LORD will be glorified through it

For nothing happens in this earth without His notice

And His will being accomplished by it

One may say, How can there be a God?

How can this God leave all the evil here on earth?

I say that God does indeed exist

For I have experienced His love, compassion and great sadness over the harm

That has be done to in my life.

I am here to tell you that God is in control and HE does love you.

He has a plan for each of us here on earth

And HIS WILL or Purposes will come to pass.

Refer to my previous blog postings to see what the Lord has done in my life. Those who know me personally can testify to all God’s healing power and purpose in my life. If you feel at your wits end whether it is emotional pain, physical pain or fear know that THE LORD wants to set you free. I encourage you to get before THE LORD and HE WILL DELIVER FROM ALL THAT PLAGUES YOU THIS DAY. BE ENCOURAGED THAT THE LORD LOVES YOU.

My Testimony

The Face of Tragedy

September 24, 2014 Praise


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As I sit here listening to the rain

Drop, drop, dropping outside my window

I recall how much I like to listen

To the rain and the ocean waves at the seashore

Yet as soothing as it sounds to me

Nothing can compare to the soothing sound

Of my FATHER’S voice as he quiets my soul

Comforting me when times are rough

There is joy in knowing that HE is always

Present with me throughout every situation

That comes my way.

There is joy in knowing that I am not out of His reach.

There is joy that calms my heart at the mention of HIS name

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus

When I can scarcely think of what to say in times of great distress

I call out HIS name and HIS presence lights up my room.

Praise HIM this day as you meditate on HIS goodness!

September 17, 2014 Praise


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Here I come

Into His presence

Longing to see HIM face-to-face

Here I come

To drink in the stillness of His love and grace

You are high and lifted up

Your faithfulness and justice

No one on earth can compare to You

So here I come

Into His presence this morning

With a heart of praise and thankfulness

The Lord has made this day

He has graciously allowed me to take joy in it

For He has created this day

To showcase His glory in my life

So, wake up my soul and sing

Praise and glory



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