Open Hearts


Open hearts

Tears stain the way to His heart

Open hearts

Brokenness and humility

Are the mark of those

Who are willing to be used by The LORD

So what are you waiting for

Love, forgiveness, and acceptance

Are found in Jesus Christ

Don’t hesitate and don’t delay

HE desires to use each of us

For the glory of His Name

Fall on your face

Seek HIS face


To proclaim HIS name to the nations

In Everything


In joy and happiness

My Lord is with me

In sadness and pain

My Lord is with me

Jesus did not promise

There would be roses without thorns

But roses with thorns

In life there are many trails we face

But we are not alone

For the Lord carefully and skillfully

Molds our hearts to be vessels

In which He can use to bring HIS glory here in the earth

Yes, indeed Jesus promised

Persecutions, hardships and the like

Those in the world suffer these as well

But the difference is that WE ARE NOT ALONE

The Lord is ever present with us

Molding us to be more like Him

As we surrender to leading of His will for us.



Acts 9:1-30


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Entry #5 The Conversion of Saul

Saul who we find in Acts 8:1 approved of and witnessed the stoning of Steven. See Acts 7:54-60.

This is the same saul that we read about in Acts 9. Saul was an enthusiast for persecuting the early Christian Church found himself on a road to Damascus which is the capital of present day Syria. Saul had asked the high priest if he could have letters to all the synagogues in Damascus for he was seeking to bring anyone he found belonging to the Lordship of Jesus Christ to bring them bound to Jerusalem.¬†Next thing He knows is a an extremely bright light shown from Heaven all around however none of those who were with him saw this but heard what followed. Saul plummeted to the ground and hearing a voice say, “Saul, Saul why do you persecute me? Saul asked, “Who are you, Lord?” and the voice said, ” I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting. But rise and enter the city and you will be told what to do.” The men who were with him stood speechless as they heard the voice but saw no one.

Thoughts and Questions

1. The Lord can use and save anyone HE so chooses even those who we think have can’t be forgiven. If the LORD revealed HIMSELF to Saul who would later become the Apostle Paul who wrote much of the epistles of the New Testament; who are we to decided who gets used and chosen by God.

2. Do our words and actions show the love of God to others?

Whether you had a dramatic conversion to Christ or no the LORD can and will use you and He has given you His Spirit to be not only a comforter when times are rough but also to be our teacher in this world.

More to come and stay plugged into the LORD!

Laying Down The Gold


Laying down the gold

laying down the silver

And all the things that take His place

Do you realize His mercy and grace

Are enough for me to praise His name

So, lay down the gold, the silver

And all the things this earth praises

To purse the GOD who shakes the mountain

The One who parted the Red Sea as the Israelites

Walked across the dry ground on the road to their earthly promise land

Take a breath and follow the One

Whose home awaits us and as OUR GOD AND KING

Heaven is where all those that call upon the Name of Jesus

Will live for all eternity so as we lay down our treasures

We gain peace, love, joy which will be the treasure in our hearts

As we lay down our lives as we pursue the prize

Jesus and His paradise.

Sshh ….Do You Hear It?



Sshh …Do you hear it?

The sound of billions of voices joined as one

Petitioning The Holy One

Come Lord Jesus come

Come in power

Come in majesty

Come and awaken the church

Come and transform the world through us

Sshh…. Do you hear it?

The voice of The Lord calling to you

At all watches of the night

Beckoning you to Go Now

To tell the neighbor next door

To go to the nation’s capital

To tell all that He puts in your path

His good news, Jesus came to bring them life

Yes, He will return but what will He find us doing?

Whatever He is telling you to do

Go do it!


Walking through the shadows

Of convoluted dreams

What does the future hold

A life full of hope and peace

Are found in Christ alone

So, why do you sit and ponder

While you are in the muck and mire

And dream of a life filled with hope and peace

When you know that it is only in Jesus Christ you are made whole

Rise up children of the Most High

Rise up for He will give you the hope and peace you are looking for

Grasp hold of the Word and believe it in your hearts


How Sweet


How sweet

The name of Jesus sounds

As His name is spoken by the lips of people

How powerful

The Name of Jesus is

His name can tare down mountains

Open prison doors and make the blind to see

How sweet the name of Jesus sounds

As tiny babes sing HIS Praise

How powerful

The Name of Jesus is

As the saints gather around throne

With one voice they cry out

Fill us now

Fill us now

Holiness and majesty

Belong to the Lord God Almighty

He is high and lifted up

He is high and lifted up

As we cry out praise and glory to His Name.

Blessed Be His Name

In the presence of my King

My heart bubbles with praise

His joy enraptures captures me

His grace and mercy overwhelm

As I consider what His love cost

His Son, Jesus, slain for my sin

Now lives again

Blessed be His name

Blessed be His name

Jesus Chirst

Who lives and will return someday

Blessed Be His name

Blessed Be His name

Holiness and majesty

Are His essence and His name

To God, I will forever praise.

Shine Down

Shine down

Your light into my heart

Oh, oh God

Fill my mouth with praise

To the King

You know my thoughts

And every word I speak

Before I utter them

Let Your light shine

Let Your light shine

Within my heart dear Jesus

Let Your joy bubble

Let Your joy bubble

In my heart dear Jesus

Let Your love consume me

Let Your love consume me

As I live for you this day!


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