November 24, 2014 Praise


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The rain falls upon dry ground.

The ocean waves crash upon the shore.

Imagine the The Lord Heaven,

Walking among the waves toward you.

Would you be terrified and think He was a ghost;

Or would gladly welcome HIM by walking towards HIM?

Would He question your lack of faith or commend you for it?

In either case would you follow the beckoning of His voice

As HE gently speaks your name.

Remember HIM as you gather together with your family and friends.

Give HIM an offering of thanksgiving

For all He has brought you through this year!

Don’t give up on the KING of Glory

For He delights in your praises!

November 15, 2014 Prayer


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Before the throne of Heaven

I come, I come

Here is my heart…

Here is my life….

Take them and bring glory to Your Name

For your grace has redeemed me

And your love has set me free

Before the throne of Heaven

I come, I come

Petitioning You on behalf of the children this day

Here me as I pray

Bring wholeness and healing to the children

Especially all those who have ravaged by any form of abuse

Whether it was done by their parents or by others

I ask that you teach them to forgive those who have hurt them

As you have taught me

Place them on the hearts and minds of your people

Those who call upon Your name

To open up their hearts and homes to them.

May they rise up and praise you

In the midst of great sorrow and oppression

For such a time as this….

You have called me out of that life

I ask right now that you would continue to stir

In the hearts of children and make yourself known to them

As you have me, In Jesus Name, I pray Amen!!

Under The Tapestry


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Here we are

Sitting under a grand tapestry

Taking in the breath-taking view

Of the stars in the Heavens

What a wondrous night

So many things run through your mind

Is it too good to be true

Is Heaven as real and blissful as sitting

Under a grand tapestry

Taking in the view of the stars

I say that Heaven is indeed real

I have caught glimpses every now and then

Of Heaven and of my King Jesus Christ

What joy it will be to see HIM as HE is

He will wipe away the tears that flow from my eyes

As I behold HIM face-to-face

Think on it

Because One day the earth will fade

And you will remain

But the question is where will you spend Eternity?

Do you know?

Joyful Shouts


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Here we are approaching

Another Christmas season

Another time of hustle and bustle

But do you realize what Christmas is about

What is it to you? I will describe what it means to me.

Joyful shouts of praise rise up from my heart

To the KING OF KINGS and not just in the Christmas season

It is time to reflect on what matters most?

What matter to you? Is it what God values?

Do you take time to reflect on Jesus

Who was born in this world to live for one purpose

And that is to bring humanity back into right standing with HIM

I rejoice because I know all that He did in my life

And continues to do.

So rejoice and if you are lonely

Remember that your brothers and sisters in Christ are with you

And will lift you up in prayer!

November 7, 2014 Prayer and Praise


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Here I am

At Heaven’s mercy seat

Forgiveness procured by the nail prints In Jesus’ hands

How can I forget

His love that poured down the cross

Every sin erased by the power of His grace

The blood that frees me from the pit of suffering

Is here now to cleanse and restores the tares in my soul

There is a longing and expectation that tares at me

But knowing that The Lord is in control brings peace

Even though there are tears flowing down my face

I feel as though a gentle unseen hand wipes the tears away

And says, ” Be patient and wait for the promise of the Future

I am giving you. Don’t give way to dreams but rather rejoice

For in the present for I am at work in your life; laying the ground-work

For what I have promised to you, My precious, precious gem

I love you so!”

My readers if there are things that THE LORD has promised you. Wait and be encouraged because THE LORD ALWAYS KEEPS HIS PROMISES TO YOU.

Being confident of this that He who began a good a work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of the Lord Jesus Christ. Philipians 1:6

November 5, 2014 Praise


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Come let the river flow down

Come let the river flow down

Come let the river flow down

From God’s fountain of life

Let the angels sing

Let the angels sing

Oh, let the angels sing

Glory! Glory! Glory!

The whole earth is full of His glory.

Let the saints rise up and praise

Let the saints rise up and praise

Let the saints rise up and praise

The King of Kings

The Lord of Lords

Splendor and majesty

Ascribe to the LORD ALMIGHTY

Your life as a living sacrifice of praise

Before the altar of the Lord

Gather round

Gather round

Gather round

You Children of the MOST HIGH


Let all the burdens fall to HIS feet

Let all your worries fall to HIS feet

Let all your fears fall to HIS feet

Let all those things that replace HIM in your life fall to HIS feet

Worship the ONE and ONLY LORD and KING



Reality and The Future


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Treasured dreams

Of a promised future

Don’t dwell on it too long

Or you might become disillusioned with reality

What is reality or what is this promise of the future?

One might ask.

Reality is living this life knowing that there is more

Than just you on this planet.

Reality is living this life knowing that all life on earth

Was created and did not happen by chance.

Reality is living this life knowing that Jesus is the LIVING GOD

And that it is HE not you that has supreme authority

Over the earth, your life and destiny

The promised future is found in JESUS CHRIST ALONE

And it is this that your life here on earth is a temporary home

If You receive Jesus as your LORD and SAVIOR

Then You will have a home in HEAVEN

Where you will dwell with THE LORD ALMIGHTY GOD


It is hard living this life on earth if you do not have Jesus as your Reality

His home is my treasured promise

I try not to dwell on it to long because

That longing to be with JESUS in HEAVEN

Can bring a sense of great sadness for living this life here on earth

However at times when I focus on it

I have profound joy as well.

The verse I cling to the most is the following:

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, says The LORD.

“They are for good and not for disaster to give you a future and a hope.”


A Teacher’s Prayer



Grace and majesty

Praise and adoration


In humbleness and sincerity

I come before Your Holy Throne

Hear my words as they fall onto this page

From my soul through my fingertips

Echoes of Your mercy are everywhere I look

A newborn babe takes his first breath

A toddler raises their hands during a worship song

A three year-old sings Jesus Loves Me

A four year-old begins to pray as the whole room grinds to a hault

Amazed by the prayer this child prays

A five year-old gets baptized

And a six year-old leads her siblings in prayer before bed

A mother stands with tears in her eyes

As she sees her children’s faith grow

I too, have seen these things occur in the hearts of children

And my heart grows ever more with compassion

To teach and reach these little ones

For if we have the faith of a child

We can move mountains

Consider this day how you will reach them

As for me I will continue to mentor, teach and pray

For these little ones for such is the Kingdom of Heaven

Take Delight

Take delight in the Lord’s presence this day. Linger in His presence till your heart overflows with praise and glory for His name. Though you may face difficult choices and circumstances know that The LORD is there to hear your every need. Seek him with all that you are for He desires to spend time with you. The Lord does hear you and when He answers You it may not be in the way that you expect. Sometimes, I cannot see His answers even when the answers are right in front of my face. Why? It is because I expect it one way and God does something else that is not expected. Take a look back over this past week and see how The Lord has answered your prayers. Last week the Lord gave me a verse to read and it was the following:

Deuteronomy 2:7 ESV

For the Lord your God has blessed you all the work of your hands. He knows your going through this great wilderness. These forty years The Lord Your God has been with you. You have lacked nothing.

One of the things that I pray for on a daily basis is that God would bless the work of my husband’s hands. Guess what The Lord used this verse to get my attention to the fact that He continues to provide me. He took me back in my mind through each year I have been married and that has been 12.5 years now showing me that HE has provided for me and I have lacked nothing. He has truly provided all that I need and yet I am not satisfied with the things I do have. Oh, Lord forgive me for not being content with what I have and not what I do not have. Help me to be thankful for what I do have. I think that we all have been there a time or two. When we continually ask God to provide for us in different circumstances and each time we seek a pay raise, a new and better job instead of being satisfied with what HE has given in the here and now.

For me, it was reminder for me to be grateful to the LORD for the things I do have and not to crave the things I do not have that I want. I had to ask the Lord to forgive me for being ungrateful for things that I do have. He has forgiven me.


Dear Father,

If this post speaks to anyone right now I ask that you would use it to glorify YOUR NAME and provision in other lives. Bless those that read this post and speak to them through it that their lives might be changed as a result of reading this. In Jesus Name Amen.

So, if this has been something that has touched your heart today. I ask that you comment on how it has spoken to you and what God is saying to you through it. I will trust the Lord to use this post for HIS glory.

Prayer Challenge 2015


Here is the challenge to pray for the following everyday of the next year:

1. Peace for Jerusalem

2. Unity within the body of Christ. For The LORD’S presence to be manifested throughout the body of Christ. We would work together as THE LORD to accomplish all that HE desires for us to do in the coming year.

3. For the elected officials and governing official wherever you live. To receive direction from THE LORD in all they do. For salvation of our leaders across the earth.

4. For our brothers and sisters in Christ who are being persecuted around the world. We need to lift them up daily and not just on the International Day of Prayer for the persecuted Church.

5. For the pastors,elders,deacons, teachers within the body of Christ. Your local leaders as well as those around the world. For wisdom to lead us as well as protection from the advances of the enemy of our souls, the devil.

6. For families: spouses, parents and children that we would exhibit Christ in our homes as well as out in the world.

7. The lost, lonely, broken and confused in this world. For salvation, healing and freedom from the tyranny of the devil.

8. Ask the LORD to give you specific countries to pray for in the upcoming year in addition to the one you live in.

9. Pray for THE LORD’s presence to permeate the earth and bring salvation and healing to all those that call upon HIS NAME as well as every nation on the earth.

10. Pray specifically for the children to receive the gospel and participate in ways in accomplishing the great commission both locally and abroad.


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