Once Upon A Memory


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Once upon a memory

I hear HIM calling to me

Saying, Come to ME

Come and follow ME.

Once upon a memory

I accepted HIS invitation

To come and follow

I did not know where the road

Would take me

All I knew at the age of nine

That HE would be my guiding light

All the Days of my life

Though the road thus far

Has brought much healing and peace

It has also brought much difficulty in my life

Which has and will continue to produce good character and fruit

Once upon a memory

I see the redemption and victory

That Jesus has accomplished in my life

What about you?

A Willing Broken Vessel


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Unspeakable Praise,

The Heart of a broken vessel

Willing to be used by her Elohim.

How unique is her presence in the world,

That her Elohim chose to use her,

To spread His good news and grace.

In a dying world and yet she has gone off on wild tangents of Doctrine

Does she still fear her El Shaddai, I wonder?

But yet there is Hope for El Shaddai will bring a sense Integrity and hunger for His WORD

To all those who believe In His Name Jesus!

Diligently seek HIM and Read HIS WORD

Proclaim to all you meet that Jesus Is LORD 

And His good news and grace are free to each one.


Precious Gem

In the stillness 

In the darkness of the night

I hear a whisper in my ear

Saying, “I love you, My daughter! 

Have no fear of the night for I’m guarding you

with all my might! No one and I mean no one 

will harm you for you are MINE and I say No

One is to harm you for you are precious to Me”

Thank you Jesus! Thank you!



Trusted Savior, I come

Trusted Savior, I come

All my troubles, hopes and dreams

I lay at your feet

What you have purposed for me 

In the years to come will come to pass

Of this I am sure for Your Words and promises

Do not return to you empty 

But they are full of life

And what You have planned long ago

Will come to pass

Trusted Savior I come

Bringing You praise and glory

For You have redeemed me from destruction

You have placed me in a family

You have given me a husband

You have given me children to teach

Who are not of my blood but are spiritual sons and daughters

Yes, my heart grieves for some of them who are not following YOU

Even the ones I may not have seen in years

Yet you have laid them on my heart to seek Your face and pray for them

I will continue to do so, for I know YOU will hear from Heaven and answer each prayer I pray.

Lord, for those that I may never see this side of life again

I ask that you bless each of them today 

In some special way, in which they know that the blessing comes from you dear Lord.

In Jesus mighty Name I pray, AMEN!!

Sweet Embrace Tribute To Mrs. Jonnie Tonn

As I come into His presence

My heart leaps for the joy of knowing

Jesus loves me and cares deeply for me

I can’t help but wonder

What joy filled Mrs. Jonnie’s Eyes

As she breathed her last here on earth

And took her next breath in the presence of her Savior

She had longed for this day for years

And now as I see her in my mind’s eye

She is hand-in-hand with her Creator

Walking and dancing on the streets of gold

Along the crystal sea

To the throne of the King

This gives me great joy as I live out my days

With the joy of knowing she is with The KING OF KINGS

For all eternity and one day I will see her again

And all the dear saints that have gone before

So, as I come before the throne room of My Savior

I can’t help but long for that day too.

But while I am here on earth I want to make the most of my time

And that is to proclaim the Love of Jesus to everyone

So, they too may be filled with inexpressible joy

As they take their last breath here in the earth

And take their next breath in the presence of their Savior.

Forgiveness and Compassion


Forgiveness and compassion

Love, faith and grace

My Lord, Jesus, so full of love

Gave His life for us on the cross

That through his broken body and blood

We would have everlasting life

A life of reconciliation with Himself

A life here on earth to demonstrate and proclaim

The good news of the cross and what it means in everyday life

But how do we demonstrate the good news?

Living loved

Living accepted

Living forgiven

Living by obedience…. Not only to the written word but to everything He says.

Maintaining a intimate relationship with God The Father

Through prayer, reflection and study of HIS WORD

We are all human and NOT perfect beings

So at times we falter and fall head long into a sin and bad habits

When we distance ourselves from The Sustainer of Life

Yet because HE is a loving, compassionate, and just God

He does not leave alone in these sins and bad habits

Though correction is painful it will reap a great harvest in the fruit of our lives

In John 15:1-2 it says, “I am the true vine, and My Father is the Gardener,

He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does

Bear fruit He prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.

So, be thankful that the Lord loves us enough to prune and discipline us

I have to say this to myself also especially when I falter and I will because we all

do, but I know that God is there and He will forgive me!

Praise the LORD for HIS Love, grace, forgiveness, and compassion.


Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me!”


Prayer For July 29, 2014

Gracious King

Hear my heart’s cry

This day as I pray

Fill the hearts of men

Those who are called by Your Name

With Holy Spirit inspired boldness

For the integrity of Scripture

May your Spirit empower all those of my generation

Those who are thirty-five years old and younger

Encourage those who are older that You have not abandoned

My generation and those younger than I

For I know that You are moving within my heart

And I ask that Your transforming power be made known

In my generation and those after me

You have said in Second Chronicles chapter seven verse fourteen

“If My people who are called by My Name will humble themselves and pray

And seek My face and turn from their wicked ways

I will hear from Heaven and heal their land.”

I ask that we continue to seek You until Your return

Whenever that maybe, I will not give up on You because

I know You are a gracious and merciful God

So, dear Jesus, I ask right now that Your power be made perfect in my weakness

And in all the areas of weakness in those called by Your Mighty Name

In the Name of Jesus Christ I pray, Amen!


Open Hearts


Open hearts

Tears stain the way to His heart

Open hearts

Brokenness and humility

Are the mark of those

Who are willing to be used by The LORD

So what are you waiting for

Love, forgiveness, and acceptance

Are found in Jesus Christ

Don’t hesitate and don’t delay

HE desires to use each of us

For the glory of His Name

Fall on your face

Seek HIS face


To proclaim HIS name to the nations

In Everything


In joy and happiness

My Lord is with me

In sadness and pain

My Lord is with me

Jesus did not promise

There would be roses without thorns

But roses with thorns

In life there are many trails we face

But we are not alone

For the Lord carefully and skillfully

Molds our hearts to be vessels

In which He can use to bring HIS glory here in the earth

Yes, indeed Jesus promised

Persecutions, hardships and the like

Those in the world suffer these as well

But the difference is that WE ARE NOT ALONE

The Lord is ever present with us

Molding us to be more like Him

As we surrender to leading of His will for us.




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